Monday, April 18, 2005

There Was An Accident

Involving me, money, a drop spindle and the oh-so-patient, Julie at Gaspereau Valley Fibres

I'm still not entirely sure what happened. One minute I was racing around in the driveway with the Curious C, so as to allow his mom JAK time to "bond" with the yarn she was planning to buy for her very first sweater... the next thing I knew I was in the shop, JAK and C were outside and I was telling Julie that I wanted the spindle that we had been playing with.

See, here I am, only moments before the accident.


I seem normal. I'm the one with the ponytail. I'm talking to Brenda's husband about their hens and their sheep and the Llama - her name is Caprice. And for some reason, she seemed to like C and I. She came right over and turned her head as if to say, "This is my good side, dahlingk, I'm ready for my closeup." Of course, who wouldn't oblige when a Llama presents you with such a photo op???

Anyway, I went back into the shop, which really is lovely, no really it is... have a look:


This is the Brown Sheep "wall of wonder" as in "I wonder what colour I'll buy?".

Ok, ok... I've put off my first real blogdom appearance long enough. I'm a bit nervous, but anyway, this is me, with the Curious C - who just so happens to be a great drop spindle spinner (I'm imagining that my niece and nephews might want to give this a try as well), and the Turkish Spindle that came home with me on Saturday.


I may look a bit posessed in this photo - that's because my eyes were totally red in the original photo so I had to do a little doctoring with photoshop.

Speaking of posessed, look at the Curious C's face in this photo. Isn't that funny?


Oh, wait, no I'm the one who looks posessed. Posessed by something that made me buy that spindle. Does Julie have some sort of hypnotic power that she doesn't tell us about? Is it the sight of the beautiful spinning wheels that lured me in? Was it the sun, streaming in the big old windows that blinded me and made me do strange things? I don't know. But I really didn't go down there looking for one. This must be how it happens: The yarn and the needles seem like innocent fun, and something you can do socially, it's not really frowned on... then the next thing you know you've moved on to lace work and a drop spindle, your family starts calling you "The Crazy Knitter". Before long you've got a spinning wheel and people are talking about rehab. Gah!!! It's an accidental addiction!

Oh, and I bought some merino and silk roving. Which does not seem to want to be photographed. It's camera shy. I

Anyhoo, JAK and I had a great time on Saturday. She's already started her sweater - the one in Weekend Knitting, you know - the sweater with the hunky guy inside?

I did a little bit of drop spindling on Saturday night but haven't touched it since. I've got company coming in May and I've got a month's work of cleaning up to do in the spare rooms. GAH!!! I'm going to have a yard sale the weekend of the 30th. Anyone wanna come? Disclaimer: THERE WILL BE NO YARN IN THE YARD SALE.

Oh, if you haven't been there yet - please, please, please, go to to congratulate my amazing friend Angela who ran in the Vancouver Sun Run yesterday, along with almost 50, 000 people. She is my new inspiration - and yes, Ang, I did go for a run after work today! And now, I'm going to bed!


  1. YAY STEPH RUN STEPH RUN!!! I am sooo sore today I need a little break - even my butt is stiff!

  2. ok-you've inspired me-I bought a drop spindle last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool and haven't touched it. Maybe I shoud give it a try to see if I need to buy more fluff at Maryland this year! Jane

  3. Ah.... another spinning addict in the making. Somehow, in spite of your horror at your imminent downfall, I find it heartening. Its a wonderful addiction.

  4. haha... I have held out on the spinning so far. Probably because I don't have room for any more stuff in our little apartment!

    You don't look possessed- you're a cutie! :)

  5. for us dogs who don''t knit - what exactly does a spindle do?

  6. Congrats on making a blog photo debut! You look entranced, not possessed.

    Know what's next? Your own wheel, bags upon bags of fleece, surreptitious trips to across the border to MS&W and Rhinebeck. It's a dark (but not lonely) road you've started down...I see it all now.