Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Good Day In Happy Land

First of all, I went to see "Revenge of the Sith" last night and although I have to say there were some cheesey moments in this film, weren't there cheesey moments in all of them - including the original three. Now, while I didn't have much use for the Episode I and II, I now understand the need for them AND how this one ties them together with Episode IV, V and VI. Two thumbs up from Andrew and I... oh, and yes, Yoda does kick ass.

On CBC's Go this morning they announced that 20, 000 Canadians listed Jedi-ism as their religion (was this on the last Canadian census?). I've realized in the last two days what a Star Wars freak I am, but I don't think I'm ready to declare Jedi-ism as my religion.

Alrighty, moving on. Here's why it was a good day at our house. First of all, it started like this:

These cinnamon buns are pretty darned good, if I do say so myself. A lady who used to work for my parents and who is widely known as one of the best bakers around, used to make these and bring them into the store. The bun part is actually a tea biscuit - so it's very moist. Anyone want the recipe? Let me know.

Just before Andrew and I headed out for the afternoon, we noticed a feline mating ritual going on in our yard. We don't have cats, so we were greatly amused by the "Wild Kingdom" episode going on in our backyard (well, until I saw the big cat poop by the fence, ew). Hmmmm, I wonder what was going on between those two. If only cats could talk:

Awwwww... Poor Richard. Spurned because of his genetic make up. Wait, he's turning to look at me. Poor, poor boy...


Oh dear.

After watching the cats slink away, I headed down to do some knitting with Sheryl at Tangled Skeins. Here's her cute little sign.

And in stark contrast to her gorgeous shop - here is one of the neighbouring businesses. I love, love, love the truck with the white flame job.

Oh baby, seeing that truck just makes me want to ride in the middle sitting snuggled up against my boyfriend while I run my fingers through his MULLET!

I must regain my composure.

Here are a few shots of the inside of Tangled Skeins:

Sheryl's collection of antique needles.

Check out that go go girl dress. And the purse, look at the purse. Don't those flowers look like they're going to pop right off and start dancing around the room? (nooooo, I am not high! How many times do I have to tell you people that?)

Ok, this isn't the best photo, but aren't those colours great?
Alrighty, that's all for now. I can't give away the farm on the first go round, right?

Awwww, screw it, I've got a digital camera at my disposal today. Here's the last one.

Look who's blocking!!!


  1. One of my most favoritest things in the whole wide world are cinnamon buns. But alas, I should not eat them (because of the wheat), so please don't torture me with the recipe. ;-)

  2. Look at you, tempting me with the wonders that await me down East... I'll add Tangled Skeins to my ever-growing Maritime yarn source list!

  3. I'm weak. Please send me the recipe. :)

    So good to know that there are other Maritime knit bloggers out there! I'll be sure to drop by Tangled Skeins next time I'm down Dartmouth/Halifax way.

  4. I second that - recipe please! Those look so delicious. [lisa (underscore) webby (at) yahoo (dot) com] Also, those silly kitties in your backyard are very cute! Poor frustrated things, tee hee.

  5. Oops. Should probably have left my email address too -- canknitian{at}gmail{dot}com.

    Cheers -- and thanks,

  6. Poor Richard! He looks so distraught... poor kitty.
    Why do I always miss the cinnamon buns? Why? why....