Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Gills Are Coming In Nicely, Thank you.

This is what, the 10th day of rain? Ok, so it didn't rain on Saturday, well, not before 9pm, but it did rain during the night. I'm starting to worry that we won't recognize the sun when it returns.

Since we've already lived through a few natural disasters (ice storms, hurricanes, blizzards) Andrew and I have made some changes to the garden shed in preparation for whatever might come next.

What do you think?

I know we've still got some missing siding, but we think she's a beaut!

We're still arguing about who should be the captain. I've got more experience with boats than Andrew does, but being a minister's son, he thinks he understands the theology of ark life better.


  1. Hee! Very nice. Looks cozy... but you might find fitting in a couple of elephants rather difficult...

  2. haha That is too funny!


  3. What's this about taking up a bunch of room with elephants? The critical thing is to make sure the SS Yarn Barn is carrying two of every skein! ;)

    Steph - thank you so, so much for your help figuring out the buttons! It just took a little noodling to figure out how to get the photo codes from Hello, but now I'm in business.

  4. Auntie Steph I have decided we must all move in with Uncle Nick. It is very nice here, the weather is great and CAP lives close by!!!!! WHy don't you come visit too - Mommy says we are coming here again soon..