Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My New, Not-So-Secret, Crush

Wow. I've been absent for a while now, haven't I? ok, ok. I know you all think it's because I'm still bitter that I couldn't go to Maryland Sheep and Wool, but it's not. I've just haven't had a chance to blog since last Friday. I really shouldn't even be doing this now because I'm pretty much exhausted and I doubt that I'll be able to infuse this entry with as much humour as I would like. So, for the sake of sanity, it will be point form for me, please and thank you:

- Got up and organized self for day on the town. Threw together bag of wool and Boa for overjoyed Janey who was in Halifax for a meeting. Planned meeting time: 10:30am. I am notoriously late for everything. At 10:08am, I hopped into car, drove across bridge, and was cruising through the downtown core, feeling quite self-satisfied at the fact that I was clearly going to be early for this meeting as it was only 10:15am and I was almost to the meeting place and that's when I realized I didn't have the bag of wool for Janey. The words that came out of my mouth... well, let's just say, the sailors at the crosswalk were aghast. I managed to turn around, go home, pick up the yarn and get to the meeting place by 10:34am. I didn't tell Janey any of this when I saw her... so you heard it here first. I hope you're enjoying the yarn, and yes, that pattern you sent the link for is GORGEOUS.

- Picked up our former boarder, Serge and his delightful gal pal, Paula and went out for b-fast. It was so good to see them both, and despite the fact that they had been out late the night before, they were both in great spirits. I think the breakfast locale helped that along (Cora's, AGAIN!). Paula and I then ditched Sergio-ti-Oh at home and hit the mall for some spontaneous shopping. Gosh I miss having those two in our house. Paula and I used to hang out in our jammies and watch movies all day long. It was like having a built in party when they were here.

- in pajamas until 3pm.
- went to Blue Rodeo concert. Andrew and I were early. I pulled out the knitting. Andrew was a bit shocked by this behaviour at first and actually hissed the words "Put that away, people are watching!" as if I had suddenly pulled out drug paraphenelia or a coffee table version of one of Madonna's scandalous photo books. I told him to suck it up and that I was spreading the good news of knitting through my glorious example (the lace camisole from vintage knits, using Rowan 4-ply). Soon enough, though, he realized it was amusing to watch all the people watching me... 'cause you know they were wishing they had brought something to do too.

This Is The Part About the Not-So-Secret Crush
Ok, so the reason we were at the B.R. concert was because Andrew had been given two tickets by one of the guys in the band for whom he had done a favour last year. This man must be incredibly thoughtful or incredibly organized to have remembered the favour, whichever the case, we were thrilled to get the tickets, not just because B.R. are a very talented band with quite a few recognizable (to Canadians at least) hits, a phenomenal amount of energy (these guys have been doing this since, uh, the early 90s?) and great stage prescence, but also because Matt Mays and El Torpedo were opening for them.

Andrew has known Matt for quite a few years now and recorded him in various stages of his music career over the years. It was a huge thrill to see him and his band, El Torpedo rocking out on the stage at the Metro Centre. We were sitting in view of the bands as they came out before they went on stage and their bass player, Andy, who also knows Andrew from a way back, had seen us earlier and knew where we were sitting. Being the total geeks that we all are, we were waving as they came out and exchanged the old "rock on" signs with the band. Next hand gesture we should have done? L for Luh-hooo-sers. I'm such a geek for this kind of stuff. And I swear to you, I'm not telling you all "we know the band" stuff to seem cooler than I am, 'cause I'm totally not cool, I'm just telling you because I'm just so freaking happy to see a band from here doing well. It's been a long time since Sloan left Hali... we're due for some fame around here.

Anyhooooooo... The band blew me away. Andrew had picked up their cd for me a while ago and I had been really enjoying it. But seeing them on stage, with their heads thrashing around and Matt singing away... well, I think I developed a little crush on the band. So, Matt, if you've done the unthinkable and you're reading this because you googled yourself and here you are: Uhhhhhh... yes, well, you guys were, uh, hot onstage and I really wanted to be there in the gaggle of girls asking for your autograph after the show, but Andrew refused to let me embarrass you in front of real live fans. (Andy Patil, you can just stop laughing right now. Your girlfriend knits and if I get to meet her, then you'll be buying yarn at every stop the band makes.)

As for B.R. well, they just rocked for 2 whole hours. I was mentally exhausted at the end of their 2nd encore. I can't begin to tell you how great it was to see a band like them still playing and still churning out great music after all these years. And it also appears that none of them have had to sell their souls to do it, a la R0lling St0nes.

- Painted Serge's old bedroom. Needed a fresh coat. Because I didn't bother to 'cut in' around the trim, this was achieved in record time. I know, I'm a painting slacker. I'm going to painting slacker hell. Shoot me. The room is "done" and looks all nice and fresh for next weekend when we'll have company.

My cousin came over for supper. Spread the good word of knitting to her. Taught her how to knit. The bugger started knitting semi-continental style. With no prompting from me whatsoever. I'm a thrower. She was throwing with her left hand, but I'm sure with practice, she'll be picking in no time. I don't know if she'll go home and find a knitting group or a shop, but perhaps IF THERE ARE ANY KNITTERS OUT THERE FROM THE CHARLOTTETOWN AREA OF PEI, Please let me know if there are any classes, knitting groups over there, k?

JAK and the Curious C came over tonight with their new puppy! Please see JAK's blog for a photo. His name is Harley and he's just over 3 pounds! He's a little Shih Tzu and he's so cute you want to smooch his little face about a million times. I would have had a photo, but my camera was dead. I took film photos instead.

That's all for now folks. It's late, I've got granola bars in the oven, bread that needs to come out of the pans and a bed that is hollering my name. Gotta run!


  1. Anonymous2:39 a.m.

    And I'm still overjoyed - although the (paper) bag you brought me the yarn in has taken quite a beating from my insatiable pawing at it to look, look, look.
    Thank you again.

    You didn't look the least bit flustered when you arrived, even after you had to scoot back home for the yarn.
    Your timing was perfect too, as I was just coming out the door for a breather after the Brain Injury Association AGM.

    Wish I could say I had things in the oven, but at this time of night ... yawn.
    Breakfast at your place? (Naw, I'd need some food before then to keep me safe on the road.)

    Honestly, I was on my way to bed when I thought I'd sneak yet another peek at your blog. Was getting worried.

    Am really looking forward to May 17th, Tangles Skeins first anniversary sale. I might even be arriving with a carload of knitters - if everyone I've mentioned it to decides to say yes.

    Bed is calling to me as well, so goodnight,

  2. ok, start planning now and make plans to come on down to Maryland for the MS&W! I'm honestly getting ready to search online for Charlie's graduation date but I can't admit that to anyone in my family! Jane

  3. What a busy week!

    I checked out the band, and I can see why you have a not so secret crush. But, I was crushed to discover that Mr. Mays was born the summer after I graduated from H.S.

    God I'm old...but I'm not yet blind or deaf, and I can still play air guitar!