Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Finally. It's Here.

And by it, I mean Spring. The real deal. What's that you're saying? You thought spring was already here? Ha, I say, Ha.
Sure, we had crocuses already, but those darling little flowers will bloom with snow piling up around them. Sure, the clocks have gone ahead and the Vernal Equinox has already come and gone, but here in Atlantic Canada, well, here in my house anyway, these things do not signify spring.

It is not spring in this latitude until after the final snowfall - that was just the other week. It is not spring until my tulips start showing their little heads. It's not spring until my grass changes colour. It is not spring until I start to feel the desire to garden. It is not spring until I forget to wear my jacket to work in the morning.

All of these things happened in the last week. Here's the evidence:

These are the tulips in my back yard. Brag if you must that yours have already shown their beautiful colours, I will happily wait for mine to show their glory.

This is my green grass. See how softly it holds the beautiful Debbie Bliss Merino Aran that I am lovingly knitting into the cover sweater on her "Simple Knits" book? (see Les, I am working on it!) That's some nice grass, people. And after all the rain on the weekend, I think I'll be mowing it on Saturday!

These are the seeds I planted... No, not in the ground. They're in milk carton greenhouses right now. Many of them are showing their green little heads. I'm very excited about gardening this year. Let's see how long my enthusiasm about dirt lasts this time.

This is the brilliant little thingy I bought at the garden shop in Halifax last Saturday. Hello? Is that yarn I see, in a gardening shop? Why yes it is! In the spring it's a place for birds to stop by and grab "supplies" for their nests... in the summer and winter it's a suet holder. What's that? Yeah, I know, it's acrylic yarn. I was upset about that, but didn't think I should rip it all out and replace it with nice wool yarn for the little birdies... yet. My yarn snobbery doesn't extend that far. I am, after all, attempting to be more environmentally friendly. Acrylic yarn would not break down in a land fill!

Ok, it's knitting night tonight. I think we all know what I'll be working on. (see above).

I'm totally jazzed up on fudge and tea right now.


It's better than Ritalin.


  1. Mommy likes that birdie thing! Xmen 3 doesn't start until August and Mommy's next job end mid july and brigadoonn doesn't start until October so she COULD still work on Xmen... if they wanted her
    don't lose hope
    "no we have to keep our irish names
    ma mere me l'a dit..."
    heh heh

  2. Molly, Molly Johnson, sir.

    voici, Molly... ta nouvelle mere et ton nouveaux pere.

    Heh heh...

    Now... The people will know we were here.

    (Americans, please see Canada's Heritage Moments commercials)

  3. what a pretty sweater.... I finished the daisy one the other night I just have to block it. I'm a virgin blocker.

  4. yay spring! My favorite is when you can start wearing sandals. :)

    I like that purple- so cheerful!