Tuesday, May 31, 2005


That bright yellow ball you saw in the sky today is not an spaceship full of aliens bent on dominating earth, nor is it a punishment sent from on high to sear your retinas... It is, at long last, THE SUN!

I have never before felt my body crave the sun as much as it did today. When our long lost friend appeared in the sky early this morning, I felt a pull to go outside. At 1:30, my manager couldn't take it any longer and asked if I wanted to go for a walk with her and our summer student.

I think my response was, "Do I? Does a bear pee in the woods?"

We went for a walk around the block - it's still slow going with my manager - her leg is still on the mend after her horrendous fall and subsequent broken leg (two spots above the ankle) - but nonetheless, we enjoyed our little sojourn.

We had a great laugh when I pulled up my sleeve and we all took a look at my arms in the bright sunlight. I'm the poster-child for pale skin. My manager, who is "brown" (East Indian by way of Guyana), nearly laughed her ass off when she saw my arm. She then proceeded to tell our student, "It's her stomach that is really pale. And I doubt that her ass sees any sun, so I guess her stomach and her little white ass." Normally, I would have revealed the fish flesh that is my stomach, but our student is young and I didn't want to scar her for life. I wasn't about to moon her either. I save that kind of behaviour for office parties. (right JAK?)

When we got back to the office I could feel how all that Vitamin D had affected my mood. Woooooo hooo!

I haven't done any knitting yet tonight as I spent a couple hours out in the yard - mowing the lawn, raking up the overabundance of grass, cleaning up building debris, and just enjoying the sun.

I have been steaming along on the little bolero jacket for my niece (and hopefully her mom doesn't read my blog) but I won't get to work on it tonight. I'll have pictures later in the week.

Now, I'm off to make some chocolate cheesecake for a coworker who isn't really having a birthday tomorrow (well, it is her birthday tomorrow but she wants to pretend it isn't).


  1. Yea for the sun! Now we'll all burn up here in Virginia! Bob and Jimmy almost jumped on stage with Celine-we were on the 2nd row and she came over and waved and smiled right at them! Jane

  2. I was wondering what that yellow thing was! We had the same surprising, glowing orb in the sky here yesterday and I almost went into shock at the sight of it. And today was lovely too. I think I got a sunburn! Even three days ago I would have said those were six words I might never say in order again!

  3. I forgot you haven't seen the sweater! I totally fity - I wore it on the plane to L.A. - we had to take it off when we ghot there because it was soooo warm. I will get Mommy to take a picture of it soon....

  4. catching up...

    I think we could have a contest you and I... I am always the palest person in the room- always!!