Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pump Up The *ahem* Jam

Alrighty gang... Enough of you asked for it. Here it is...
I've got three versions of this recipe - so I'm going to give you the recipe I used plus the canning instructions from the same recipe in ye olde Canadian Living Cookbook.

First plant rhubarb. Allow to grow... OR steal rhubarb from the neigbours. Rhubarb should be PULLED, not cut.
Ok, here's the recipe.

Rhubarb Pineapple Jam
5 CUPS OF RHUBARB - cut into small pieces (everyone knows to wash this and cut off the leaves, right? - but don't cut off the nice juicy whitish part at the bottom - just trim the yuck off it - that's the sweetest part of the rhubarb... And she's off on a tangent!)


Combine rhubarb and sugar in a LARGE pot (if the jam boils over, it isn't pretty) - allow mixture to sit until it is juicy (perhaps overnight, or several hours at least)

Boil sugar and rhubarb for 10 minutes

Remove scum if there is any (this means the froth on top of the boiling surface, not cousin Gerald - but if he's still at your place, playing Nintendo at this hour of the night, kick him out too).

Add one 19 OUNCE CAN OF CRUSHED PINEAPPLE (the whole thing - crack it open and dump it in)

Bring to a boil

Add one 6 OUNCE PACKET OF STRAWBERRY JELL-O. That's right folks, everything is better with Jell-O.

Remove from heat and stir well.

Pour into prepared 1Cup (250ml) bottles leaving 1/4 inch head-space. Seal with prepared discs and bands. Process in boiling water canner for 5 minutes.

It is important when you are making any canned goods that you use real canning jars. It is ok to reuse Mason jars as long as:
1. They are free of nicks and cracks.
2. You sterilize the jars properly (in boiling water for the specified amount of time - 10 minutes).
3. You have new lid discs (you can buy these in the grocery store, usually in the baking supplies aisle).

If you buy a box of canning jars, they'll tell you how to sterilize the jars and how to get the lids ready for use. I sterilize the jars and the get the lids ready for use, but I don't have a canner, so I usually just give the jam to people and tell them to refrigerate it and use it right away. People with proper canning skills will probably tell me that this is the wrong thing to do. Hey, no one has died yet! If any of your jars don't seal (the top still clicks up and down when you press on the centre), put those jars in the refrigerator and use them first.


Whenever you make any type of jam or pickle, remember, botulism is NOT our friend.


  1. If, young lady, I end up walking around for the next twenty-four hours singing "Pump Up the Jam" and/or flapping my arms IN PUBLIC while humming along with a song that only I can hear, you are in Big Trouble.


  2. Hey, I used to make that same jam! I still have the recipe, but haven't made it in years. Yummmm, it's so goooood.