Sunday, June 05, 2005

Three Kids, One Dog + One Auntie =

One very tired Auntie.

The boys were awake at 6:45am!!! 6:45am!!! The next time they stay over, I'm installing a shutters on the window in their room!

I was soooo tired last night. I think I'm too old for kids now. Yeesh. Those three and the dog wore me out. I have to say, though, they were little troupers. The siding is all done of the shed.

Kidding - my dad and CH arrived yesterday morning and worked away on the shed with Andrew. My youngest nephew was practically begging to help out but, contrary to what I might have said yesterday, a 6-year-old and a nail gun just don't mix. Instead, the kids and I went for a walk, drew on our driveway with sidewalk chalk (world's greatest invention), watched "Monsters Inc" for the gazillionth time, and played with a skipping rope.

Poor little Pippin was rather upset that he wasn't allowed to play on the driveway with us. We had to keep him behind the fence because he still doesn't come when he is called. When I was trying to get him to come in on Friday night he kept running circles around me. You can't get really upset with him when he does this, though, because he's just so darned cute.

So today I've just been relaxing and hanging out at home. Andrew went to work around noon and I've been lazing around since. I can't believe it's 7pm already. I feel like such a big pile of poo.

Anyway, to lighten up the mood around here, and to get some creative juices flowing, I've got some more photos of Tangled Skeins.

That's Lucy Neatby's yarn, made by the Fleece Artist, sitting on the top two shelves. Yummy stuff. And yes, that's Bamboo sitting in the basket.

Ok, I was fainting from the sight of the yarn. Yeah, that's it. See those felted bags on the white hooks? They are Sheryl's designs (I think - wait, Sheryl? Are they your designs? The brown and pink one is, right?). And if you look closely at the right hand corner of the photo - you'll see the 50% off bin! Woowee!

And that's the wall of Lamb's Pride and other fabulous yarns. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.

Alrighty then. I'm going to try to get some photos of my UFOs for my next posting. We'll see if I hold true to that promise!


  1. Ok, that's pretty tempting. If I had any reservations about the East Coast move, you've taken them all away! Thanks for the pics.

  2. I haven't been to a yarn store since MS&W!! Your pictures are making me feel like I need a trip to my LYS this week. Dangerous! Jane

  3. OMG - I didn't notice the lambs pride last time I was there. Ok, two projects to finish before I fall off the yarn diet wagon. Have you seen the Fall '05 interweave knits preview?

  4. Life as a parent doesn't start until the kids learn to either sleep past 8 am or occupy themselves until you are ready to deal with them.

    What is it about yarn store photos that makes me want to buy more yarn?

  5. You're torturing me on purpose with those photos, aren't you? Tangled Skeins looks like heaven to me.