Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm Taking the Ferrari

I just totally met Tom Selleck!

He's filming a MOW just around the corner from my house, so I went over to be a nosy neighbour. I sat and chatted with the lady who owns the house they are shooting in. We talked for quite a while (it's good to get to know your neighbours). Anyhooo... after a lot of lighting changes and several takes (inside the house), he came outside between scenes, and relit a big cigar... Some official, walkie-talkie-wearing type person came over to the few people who were there (myself, a couple other ladies, a couple and their tween-ish daughter) and asked if we would like autographs.

Always one to be prepared, I had a notepad and a pen (my SIL will never mock my notepad AGAIN). I gave a slip of paper to one of the ladies who had happened by, and she asked for his autograph. I handed him a pen and certain cd to use as a hard surface. While he signed the paper for her, I asked him if it was a good night to shoot with the cooler weather and he said yes, but they had some complex lines, that he had to remember... and then he handed the cd back to me. I took it and then handed it back to him and said, "Mr. Selleck, this is actually for you. It's my husband's band, he's a local artist." He thanked me and went back to the set with the cd.

He'll probably use it for a coaster, or give it to someone else, but for about 20 seconds, he was carrying a Heavy Blinkers cd in his hand. And, I have a pen that he used to sign an autograph... No, I didn't get his autograph. I just didn't feel that I should impose on him like that. I don't know why. I'm such a Canadian.



  1. GEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!
    heh heh... he totally passed that CD off to the 3rd AD and then it was left on set somewhere. ha ha ha haaaaaa it is probably still in that ladies house. ha ha ha haaaa.
    you know I am kidding right? I bet he is listening to it in his trailer now!

  2. I love random sitings like that. Is anyone else in the movie? The only ones I've had are lame. Patricia Cornwell bought our dinner at a restaurant and I saw Oliver North three times-three weeks in a row. I think he thought I was stalking him. Now, I'll need to search down one of your husband's cds too. Jane

  3. That is awesome!

    A friend of mine got an autographed picture of TS as Magnum for her birthday this year. She would be SO jealous. :)

  4. hehe- you are too cute... giving him the cd...

    Trying to think of ideas for your manifesto but I am bummed today (long story) and can't think of anything...

  5. martha2:44 p.m.

    let's knit some giganormous black burly spun mustaches in honour of this momentous occasion!

  6. I agree with Martha. We should have some kind of mustache knitalong. :)

  7. Dude, meeting a b-grade star is super awesome. Congrats. Not sure if the knitting prince is as cool, but let's just say it is!! Nice move with the cd BTW.

  8. I must admitt, when I read that he was in town I thought about knitting him a 'stash...or at least making him wear a hat! Well done with the CD!!!!! Who knows, even if he does use it as a coaster it would be awesome product placement lol.

  9. Missed you, first you were on vacation and then I was on vacation (although home I was too busy with visitors to read blogs, much less write one). I had three whole entries to catch up on! What to say: cool manifesto, sounds like a wonderful time at the cottage, funny Tom Selleck story! We were in NYC a couple of days this week, but no celebrity sitings. I guess we'll have to come to Halifax instead.