Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stitch and Bitch

Well gang, it seems that the SnB idea has caught on. Martha, who works at Tangled Skeins has found that there are many women out there who want a SnB in Dartmouth!!!!!!

The first meeting was last night at Celtic Corner - a downtown pub at the corner of Portland Street and Alderney Drive. I wasn't able to attend, but I have a feeling they had a great turn out.
I may end up Stitching and Bitching two nights a week. Crazy. I feel like we've gone from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds!

Anyhoo, in light of the sudden abundance of SnBs in our fair, uh, cities, I've combed through my overstuffed inbox (I'm suddenly getting more email than the indy-pop star) and have found the tongue-in-cheek manifesto that Morgan, Moe and I were working on a few weeks ago. Please keep in mind that these are very rough and still need to get full committee approval (you know, maybe we should start a committee... nawwwwww):

1. We reserve the right to make fun of fun fur, bastardize Boa and otherwise express acrimony about acrylic and overly frou frou yarns; however, we will always, deep down inside, respect these yarns for what they have taught us about knitting and how they were good to us when we were beginners or when we had no money. We will still occasionally use and enjoy them for their sheer kitschyness, frizziness and washability (for use in children's wearables). - Steph

2. While all yarn stores may not be created equal, we will support them all to the best of our ability (and budget) in the hope that their prosperity will serve to convert the non-knitting masses as they are all beacons of light into the darkness that is the non-knitting world. However, if the LYS owner is bitchy, we will take her/him out back and slap her/him. - Steph

3. We will use our powers for good-perhaps choosing a pet charity - AND evil (okay, maybe that's mainly me...but i hope not.) - Morgan

4. We will encourage each other to seek out new fibers and techniques (fair isle), to boldly knit what no knitter has knit before...(thongs for step mums). - Morgan

5. We will support each others' crafty ventures and boycott anyone who poo-poos them. - Morgan

6. We will give anyone knitting a mancho a pink belly (we'll draw straws to see who gets to do the slappin'). - Terra

That's all we've got so far. Anyone have any suggestions?

C'mon, I know you're out there. Make a suggestion.

I was peeking at my site meter thingy today and I know that there are, on average, about 38 people who hit this site daily (at least, once i've posted). Is that not crazy? Should I be selling something here? Stitch markers? Clean air? Canadian gold coins (heh heh... that's a good way to make more than a buck on a loonie)?

I'm really just wondering who you all are, because, well... Because I'm the blogger, that's why (can you tell I spent a week with the kids?). I'm pretty sure that you can leave a comment even if you don't have a website. Please, feel free to comment and to leave your suggestions for our knitting manifesto. You will receive full credit for any suggestions that make it to the final version of the document, but please be aware that a completed document may never materialize.

Oh and BTW - I'm on for SnB tonight at Uncommon Grounds, 1030 South Park Street. I'll see y'all there around 7:30-ish, k?


  1. Sounds like your manifesto is well on it's way. Nothing says you can't add on to it later...heheheheehheehe

  2. But Steph, I thought I heard a rumour, maybe on CBC radio, that your husband really wants a mancho but is afraid to ask you for one in fear of being bitch-slapped.

  3. I have an idea for a manifesto item: "We will not roll our eyes and speak badly of beginner knitters for not knowing how to do something. Everyone has a different learning style, and some knitters are visual learners who need to be *shown* a technique."

    I miss Halifax, and I enjoy hearing about it. For the love of me, I can't remember where Uncommon Grounds is. (I lived just off South Park, on Fenwick, lo those many years ago.)

  4. Anonymous11:04 p.m.


    I swear that I am really, really trying to get to the HRM SnB - the one in Halifax. (It is soon going to be too dark for me as a non-HRM native/resident to navigate the untidy mess of streets in Dartmouth.)
    And you keep adding things that make it imperative for me to get there - things like a "pet charity".

    I would LOVE for the Brain Injury Assoiciation of Nova Scotia to be a pet charity of some group!

    No I didn't make it to Uncommon Grounds again tonight. But I will, I will. I promise.


  5. I LOVE my knitting group. Lucky you for having two! Jane

  6. hmmm, manifesto additions...i promise to tell anyone and everyone when a LYS even remotely local is having a sale? that's what i do. i even tell my friends who are only kind of into knitting, because sales get me so excited!

    also, hi! i'm wendy! i found your blog through someone elses blog at one point, and kept reading because you're cute and funny and i'm an american who will take any little bit of canada she can get her grubby little hands on.

  7. Sorry I missed wed. I had a conflicting crafty meeting (which I will share about next week) The pub is across the street from the ferry right? hmmm....

  8. Hi Steph;
    Love those stitch markers I bought this morning, finally got to read your blog--i'll check it out with more detail from 11:30 pm to 2 am when there are no flights in on a speedier computer...I hate dial-up!

  9. Hi Steph;
    Love those stitch markers I bought this morning, finally got to read your blog--i'll check it out with more detail from 11:30 pm to 2 am when there are no flights in on a speedier computer...I hate dial-up!

  10. Can you tell me which night the s&B is on in Dartmouth, is it Tuesday night? Enjoy reading your blog.

  11. Charlotte - check the latest entry. The next one will be on August 9th