Sunday, July 31, 2005

Knitting? and other stuff

First of all, Blogger doesn't seem to like my computer this week. It keeps barking at me and saying that my cookies are disabled. I certainly beg to differ. My cookies are not only abled, but most would argue that they are the best damn cookies on the block. Argh.

I have been knitting. I'm on the uh, nth repeat of the Travelling Vines scarfy shawl thing. I've still got cuffs to pick up for my niece's bolero jacket, but I finished a sock this week! Please note, I said "A" sock - still no pairs. I like to think of my house as a quiet refuge for sock yarns. I offer them shelter from the storm, a dark drawer in which to rest and the knowledge that they will avoid the wear they would undoubtedly suffer if they were knitted into socks and worn. Yes, indeed, my home is a haven for sock yarns of all kinds. I do not discriminate and I hope to lead by my example. In fact, Andrew has even brought refugee sock yarn home from Germany. What a guy. It brings a tear to my eye to know that he has joined me in the fight!

(I should probably stop reading "Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy" and caressing the Pony Pearl dpns if I want the socks to rest easy.)

I am sad to announce what may be the end of my video camera i.e. the camera I used to take pathetic, poor quality photos of my knitting. Andrew has informed me of its sickness and as he hasn't had a chance to phone the "doctor" as of yet, we are unsure as to whether or not it can be healed or, in this case, resurrected. This does not bode well for the blog... unless someone wants to start photographing my stuff at Stitch and Bitch nights and sending them to me, then it's going to be a while until I have photos again.

But it's ok, everyone. I still have my SLR cameras and no stone will be left unphotographed if I have my way! Seriously, I have to stop taking photos of rocks.

Speaking of photos... there is a place in downtown Dartmouth called the Sun Sun restaurant. Every time I see it, I think of Cassie. It's not so much the door that gets me but the entire front of the restaurant. It's in such contrast to the other buildings downtown. It's orange. If I go for a walk tomorrow, I'll take my camera and get a photo. It's worth it.

Oh, and Moe, this is for you. Come heck or high water...

A couple of notes about the Dartmouth Stitch and Bitch:
1. It will be taking place every OTHER Tuesday at the Celtic Corner pub, starting at 5:30pm. The lovely ladies met this past week, so, if you show up there at 5:30pm on August 2nd, you'll have to knit on your own.

2. Apparently, us Dartmouthians represent better than the Haligonians. Whereas there were only 4 attendees at the last Halifax SnB, there were 9, count 'em, 9 attendees at the one in Dartmouth. Is it the promise of beer or the early start that is bringing the ladies out? I'm not sure which, but those of us who started this journey in Halifax, well, we suck.

3. Who wants to abandon Wednesday nights and hit the pub on Tuesdays with the lovely group that Martha started... hmmmmmmm? Despite my, uh, founding member status in the Halifax group, I DO live in Darkness, I mean, Dartmouth, and just a hop, skip and a jump from the pub... Really, it's amazing that I'm not soused all the time. I'm only minutes away from all the downtown Halifax pubs too.

Did anyone go to the fireworks last night? Weren't they great?!?! Did you see the ones shaped like hearts and then the smiley face ones? Hee hee. Andrew and I went to watch them from the field behind a local school. We took Pippin. He totally spazzed out and I am now sporting several scratches on my belly and a lovely inch-long scratch on my boob. I didn't notice the damage until this morning, so it didn't hurt that much. I must say, although my dog, Bentley (may he rest in peace) didn't like fireworks, all I had to do was hold him on my lap and cover his ears while he shook. He never tried to run away or anything, he would just shake. I used to take him with me, because he was better off snuggled up with me on my lawn chair, knowing I would protect him than he would have been, alone in the house. Pippin, on the other hand... would have benefitted from being locked in the "coal shed" a la Adrian Mole's dog.


  1. Must.... see... orange... door. Please?

  2. Hooray for sock!

    I am such a bad sock knitter. I love getting the first one done, but I have to cast on the second immediately or I'll just have one sock hanging around. The pressure to have them match each other is so unbearable as to prevent me from wanting to knit a second.

    I know there's a way to knit two at once, and I've tried it, but I ended up in a cartoonish pile of yarn from which I could only extricate my needles using scissors. It was ugly.