Monday, August 01, 2005

Feeling Sick.

Seriously. I really am. In the last hour or so, my mouth has started watering like when you're about to hurl. I guess it's that happy anticipation of going to work tomorrow. Gah. I've had 16 days off in a row. It has been sweet, but I'm sorry to see it end.

I've spent this lovely long weekend with the Pipster and am waiting for the imminent arrival of his family who will be picking him up. We've had quite the weekend. I've decided to tell his Mommy the good news and the bad news when she picks him up. I think I'll give her two goods for each bad:

Good news #1: Pippin has very strong teeth.
Good news #2: He didn't swallow what he chewed up
Bad news: Melamine is not indestructible.
Bored dogs should not be left unattended. When Pippin visits, I prop open the back door and he is allowed to come and go as he pleases. Our back yard is fenced and there isn't much he can get in to. Last night he was taking advantage of the freedom to spend some quality time in the cool breezes. I didn't count on him taking something from inside the house to destroy. He chewed one of the melamine dishes that he was using as a food dish this weekend. I picked up all the shards from the back yard this morning, but not after worrying all last night that he had swallowed the melamine and would be hurling in the middle of the night and should I take him to the vet...

Good news #1: Pippin looks good in blue.
Good news #2: Pippin had a bath.
Bad news: Pippin may still have some paint in his fur.
He was doing so well all day. I was out there, painting away on my shed, Pippin was wandering around the yard, flirting with the neighbour's dog and hiding in the grass. La dee dah, bee bah dah... and then Pippin ran past with a paint brush... No, it wasn't a used paint brush, but a new one still in the package. He had about 6 blotches of paint on his body. I had to chase him all over the back yard. He is such a big tease. If he has something he knows he shouldn't have, or if he knows you want him to pay attention, he'll run like the wind and then crouch with his hind end in the air as if to say "Catch me if you can, you slow moving human!" I finally grabbed him and after he spent some time drying in his kennel, (and I cleaned up my work area), I took him up to the tub, brushed out the majority of the paint and then gave him a bath. When Minou lived here, I gave her the last of the dog shampoo in our house. Pippin got the human shampoo and conditioner today. He's very soft and fluffy tonight. heh heh.


  1. GO PIPPIN GO GO GOGOGOOOOO!!!! Auntie Steph is slow cause she does too much baking run like the wind and make her sweat!!!!! RUN RUN RUNRRRRRUUN!
    heh heh heh
    i still love you auntie steph

  2. I completely understand the work aversion disorder you are suffering from! I just about lost it this morning back in the office. Sheesh.

    Your holiday sounds perfect. How do you stay so little and bake so much (pay no attention to the admonitions of that skinny, though adorable, dog)?