Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have angered the gods.

I was doing fairly well, I thought. No major follies this summer. Just the usual stuff - the horsefly bite at the cottage, the "crap, the car needs to be registered" moment... but all-in-all, a pretty good summer. Yesterday, however, the following things happened:

1. Small, black ants began invading my kitchen.
I immediately grabbed the dish soap so that I could draw a line of it around where they were coming into the house. My vegan friend said that lemon dish soap deters the ants. I have grapefruit dish soap. They started crawling the walls to go around it.
So, I pulled out the broom and dustpan, swept the kitchen floor and then cleaned it with bleach. My vegan friend would sooooo not approve. This morning, I put everything containing sugar into the refrigerator.
I think they are invading b/c it has been sooooo dry here that the lawn is almost completely dead. I cannot bring myself to water the lawn (with apologies to my neighbours who have to look at it in all its withered glory) so that I can turn around and cut it. It just seems so environmentally irresponsible. Use water to hydrate something that I'm just going to have to cut with my gas powered mower (I am asking for a push mower for Christmas).

2. SnB was last night so I biked to Halifax last night (over the MacDonald Bridge - it's a great ride) and picked up the car from Andrew. When I was leaving SnB, the front, passenger side brake started squealing like it was being murdered (Andrew and I think it was the caliper). I drove through downtown Halifax with the motorized equivalent of a stuck pig. Lemme tell ya... the inside of that car alternated between the blue smoke that was spewing out of my mouth in a steady stream and the bright red light of my embarrassed, glowing face. (The situation righted itself when Andrew drove the car home later.). Loud, squealing noises make me snaky... so I was almost overjoyed at the prospect of biking home over the bridge at 10:00pm. Anything to get away from the car.

3. The washing machine stopped mid cycle, for no apparent reason. I dialed it ahead and it started again, but I don't know why it stopped. It also didn't automatically go through to the 2nd rinse like it is set to do. This is not good. I think that my Mr. Washie may be protesting in solidarity with the world renowned Mr. Washie. So I stood in the basement and told my Mr. Washie how much I loved him and how I appreciated these past 4 years we've had together and although I didn't know how he was treated before I took over his care, I promised that if he needed it, I would get him better soap.

I'm pretty sure it's all because I laughed at the Yarn Harlot's entry yesterday.

Trouble comes in threes, right? This is all of it, right?

Ok, because I have no access to digital photos for you right now (which means I can hide the number of WIPs I have), I spent some time with Mr. Scanner. I scanned in some of my favourite photos from the last few years. Favourite photos that don't include people who may or may not be wanted by the police.

I apologize if you're on dialup.

Since it is starting to rain outside (downpour, really) I'll go with a water theme:

This is the MacDonald Bridge partially under the siege of Maritime fog. That's looking across to where I live.

This is a beach on the northern side of PEI. Yes, that PEI, Prince Edward Island. Home of Lucy Maude Montgomery. I was sprawled on the beach at 9 in the morning taking this photo. I love how the wind had blown the sand out from under the rocks. It looks like an alien planet.

This photo was taken right in the heart of my hometown in New Brunswick. It looks pretty calm in this photo, but you're actually looking at a waterfall and a very old hydro-electric station. It's kinda pretty, isn't it?

This was taken on the highway somewhere between Whistler and Vancouver, BC. I can see why Angela loves it out there. We were there in 1999 for our friends' wedding. They got married in White Rock. What a beautiful place.

Speaking of our friend...

This is him, jumping into the water with Andrew. John is on the left and Andrew is on the right. This is taken just in front of John's dad's cottage. We visited John there while we were on our honeymoon. It seems lame, visiting a friend while on your honeymoon... but lemme show you the "cottage":

John's dad doesn't do anything small. I can't tell you where the cottage is, but I can tell you that we had a great time. That's me, waving from the dock. That's the same pool in the river that the boys were jumping in.

Okay, I've got more, but I'm hearing thunder, so that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this-non knitting segment...

Oh, just one more... for someone... she'll know who she is...

Sorry, it's not an orange door... yet.


  1. Love your pictures, I can't believe you bike over that bridge! Jane

  2. EEEK! A SPIDER! :)

    Loved the pictures, especially the one of the bridge and the beach in PEI!

  3. 1 - I would love to have a copy of the PEI picture. Maybe I've got something I could trade you for it...

    2 - Your hometown picture reminds me of one I took at King's Landing.

    3 - Your friend's Dad? Holy cow. My uncle would pee. He's got a lot of his large works, as I recall, hanging around his house.

  4. Re: 3 - Prints (numbered), obviously not the real thing.

  5. As much as I love the spider picture, the rocks on the beach at PEI are the best.

  6. Amazing pics. I love the rocks on PEI. I'm in the middle of reading Emily of New Moon to my Emily and she's been reading Anne of Green Gables. Someday we'll be heading up that way to see it all. Given everything I hear and see about Canada in blog land, I'm planning on staying.

  7. Just got back from holiday and read your posts...

    So, it's "john's dad" is it? You run in quite the social circles, my friend. Cripes.

    LOVE your pictures, I have zero photographic talent. The beach we were at in PEI was just sand this past week, no curiously placed rocks.

    Sorry to hear about the ants, I feel your pain. I must have placed about 10 ant traps around and they seem to be gone (took about a month, and they will probably be back soon).

  8. thanks so much for the email back, (sorry I didnt write back). I could STILL hear your progrock car sounds when I got INSIDE the building!!
    ps don't forget to try baby powder on the ants!

  9. I love these photos! So cool...

    Especially the beach and hometown ones!