Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ce Soir

Stitch and Bitch in Halifax - anyone going? I missed it last week and didn't hear if anyone else went. I'm planning to go tonight, but I'll be biking, so I really hope that some other knitters show up. It's not an easy trip over that bridge on a bicycle. Gah.
I went to the Dartmouth SnB last night. It was so great to meet some more knitters. Magic mirror tell me do, Did all my friends have fun at Stitch and Bitch? Let's see who was there:
Jen, who was working on the Making Waves sock from the latest Interweave. She's using some new sock yarn from Tangled Skeins - it's perfect for the pattern. Just perfect!
Angie (oh, please let that be the right name) was working on a button bag, using Lamb's pride and some of Lucy's yarn (do I need to link to Lucy?)
Martha (hi!!!) was working on her fabulous purple shawl, the leaf one from Fibretrends. That lady has one very lucky grandmother. It's so beautiful!
Sheryl (esteemed owner of Tangled Skeins) was working on little denim baby pants using Rowan Denim (OMG - that yarn is so nice)
and (here's where I'm going to spell something wrong) Sachco (darn it, darn it - I know that's wrong) was working on a sock using Opal yarn and a very nice short row heel.
Ok, I have to get going - but hopefully I'll see someone (Joyce?) at Uncommon Grounds tonight.
OH and BTW - Did everyone know that Sheryl has a really great sale going on at Tangled Skeins right now? It's the summer stock sale. I don't know how long she intends to keep it up, so you should get yourself over there ASAP!

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  1. And what are you making? Inquiring minds want to know (and see)!