Friday, August 05, 2005


So. Much. Food.

We've had someone in town from our Ontario office since Wednesday and because she's an amazingly nice person, we've felt the need to entertain her. With food. It's been a crazy two days. I missed the dinner on Wednesday night, but on Thursday we hit our favourite Lebanese place for lunch (just down the road from our office - the waitress knows what I want before I open my mouth - the vegetarian platter - if I ate that every day, I would be one fat-arse vegetarian).

Now, usually, after the platter, none of us feel the need to eat again until we have a bowl of cereal around 9pm. However, being the good hostesses that we are, we didn't want to let down our charge. SOOOOOOOO.... For supper last night, we (four of us) went to The Hamachi House for sushi. Yum. Yummy yum. I don't eat the raw fish, but I do eat the California rolls and now, very happily, I will eat the tempura shrimp rolls. And Edamame. Yum. They're like having potato chips.

Today, well, today I was still recovering from last night, so I ate breakfast, grazed through lunch and then we went out for Thai food at Baan Thai (1569 Dresden Row). It was sooooooo good. We had spring rolls, lettuce wraps, Pad Thai, Green Curry, Cashew Chicken, and something else... oh, a thing with snow peas and prawns. There was a lot of suppressed belching in the car on the way home. Gah. I may never need to eat again.

Thanks, everyone for all the anniversary well wishes. You're all so very kind! Just so you all know: that's the wedding dress that Minou's Mommy made for me. She designed it , even. I'll have to photograph the beautiful beaded wrap that she made for me to wear with it. It's so beautiful. She used a fern pattern (Ang, was it a traditional pattern or a Victorian pattern or something? Hey, wait, my bedroom wallpaper has ferns on it... huhn. funny) a million seed beads, a mouthful of Coca-Cola (ahem) and the patience of a saint to make it and the dress. Have I mentioned how amazing she is? I sent her my measurements. She sent me a muslin mock-up. I tried it on. She sewed the dress. I had ONE FITTING. She told me I had weird boobs, then made alterations. The next time I saw it was the day before my wedding day. She has talent, that one!

SPEAKING OF MINOU AND HER MOMMY: They are doing the SPCA fundraising walk, "Paws For A Cause". As knitters, you must love and adore all fur producing species, correct? Well, here's the link to where Minou talks about the event for the first time. Take a look. There are photos of Minou and her mommy. I'll understand if it takes you a moment.

Aren't they cute? Ok, well here is the link where Minou shows you the groovy little gift package that she and her Mommy have put together for a draw. They'll put your name into a hat for every $5.00 you donate to Paws For A Cause in Minou's name. Isn't that cool? For $5.00 you could have that really great Noro yarn, dog biscuits, a frame AND an AUTOGRAPHED photo of Minou. She's gonna be famous, that dog. You should be clamouring for her signature.

Ok. I need to get to bed. When I've finished digesting all this food, I'll try to post something about the knitting, or lack thereof.

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  1. ok, now I'm hungry and it's only 9:45 am. Time for "second breakfast". No wonder the clothes don't fit.

    I wonder if they'll add Edamame to the cafeteria menu?