Saturday, September 10, 2005

I Joined The Picket Line...

I'm sure that at least 30 Helens would agree that life here in the Great White North is just NOT the same without our beloved CBC in any of its permutations (TV, Radio 1, 2, and 3).

My mornings are bland and cold, and although I appreciate the effort of the SCABS who are filling the airwaves, there is a reason why the talent should get the big bucks and the job security and whatever else they want. IT'S BECAUSE THEY HAVE TALENT! DUH!

On Wednesday, after leaving a luncheon hosted by my company, I found myself in downtown Halifax at 3:30 in the afternoon with naught to do but get myself home. It was too late to go back to the office and yet, too early to ignore the glorious sunshine and clear blue sky. I walked along Spring Garden Road and gave Andrew, hereafter known as "Mr. Happy", a call to ask if he could pick me up. I meandered around, enjoying the sites, content in the knowledge that I was not one of the frosh who were being quick-marched around town, nor was I an unfortunate slob in a climate controlled office.

I turned a few corners and headed down Sackville Street. As most CBC loving Haligonians know, the CBC Radio building sits at the corner of South Park Street and Sackville Street. As I walked toward the striking employees, I searched the crowd for the few people I've met who work there. While I didn't see the two studio H engineers who recorded Mr. Happy's band's third album, I did see the girlfriend of a friend and colleague of Mr. Happy's. So I stopped to chat with "L" and to show my support.

The majority of the group were wearing their sandwich-board signs and of course, there was a "Honk if you miss the CBC" sign. It was difficult to chat over the din, but I told "L" that I missed them all on the air and I was greatly disturbed and disgusted by the length of the lockout. Then I confessed to feeling quite silly standing there chatting with her and not doing anything. She reached down, grabbed a "We Miss U CBC" sign and handed it to me. I put down my bag and held onto my sign.

After several honks, I told "L" that I had never been on strike as I work for a money grubbing non-unionized corporation (with apologies to the money grubbing non-unionized corporation who pays my salary and all that) and I wasn't quite sure what approach I should take to holding the sign.

"Should I be boisterous? Should I be angry? I'm not sure what my stance should be here. I mean, this is, after all, the closest I will possibly ever come to fulfilling my dream of working for the CBC!"

Just as "L" was about to give me some direction, a pedestrian walked by, touched my elbow and said, "Good Luck!"

I hastily tried to explain the situation to her retreating figure as "L" laughed herself silly beside me but the lady didn't turn around, so I said, "Screw it" and shouted a thank you to her back.

Unfortunately, my time on the picket line was short lived, as Mr. Happy showed up a few moments later to pick me up. He honked like a champion and I abandoned my post with a heavy heart.

Those of you who are suffering the agony that is listening to morning shows on private radio, please, contact your local MLA to express your dismay.


  1. do you think we can get bill richardson back too?
    i think they should all get uber raises and who cares if people think they aren't talented - cause right now it sucks except for the sad goat repeats.... and wiretapped

  2. Anonymous11:59 a.m.

    You should quit your job and starting showing up for the picket line REALLY early and shout "SCABS" at the people going into the CBC building. In light of privatized american media we are so lucky to have a public broadcasting system.

    Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer kept showing up for "work" at an office and they couldn't figure out how to fire him since he didn't technically work there?

    That could be you at the cbc.

    I hope your grandfather is OK, it is so tough to see the ones you love getting older. Hang in there.

  3. And the queen doesn't know her ABCs either, I'm afraid.

    I can't tell you how much I miss CBC. I was counting on being able to listen online to help me cope with my homesickness here in the States. And I have listened, a bit, but it's awful. Even though I've been deeply irritated with the restructuring decisions over the years, and saddened by the disappearance of some of my favourite shows, I need CBC back.

    And I'm thinking good thoughts for your grandfather; hope everything goes well for him.

  4. Mr. & Mrs. S8:43 p.m.

    Go girl!!
    We agree with you 100%. We in the West miss CBC as much as you when I wake on a restless night, I must listen to paid advertisements for Herbal remedies (not that there is anything wrong with herbal remedies) instead of Overnight witht eh CBC.
    By the way, we definitely think that you have missed your calling...Not as a Picket Line walker but as a MUST give serious consideration to doing this on a more lucrative basis!!
    Hope all is well with your granddad...changes are so difficult.

  5. I really appreciated your support the line, Steph, but I am charmed that you should write about it! Thanks for your thoughts and I love your blog!