Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Atlanta, Georgia is...

...full of very funny people (funny ha ha, not funny weird).

...big. (my hometown had a pop. of about 1400 when I was growing up).


...very, very loud.

...friendly. (perhaps a little too friendly? Men keep telling me I'm good lookin'.)

...a little hazy. a state of construction (is this constant?)

...large (they don't grow alot of short people down here... I feel like I'm a statistical anomaly with my 5'1 1/4" stature)

...a nice place to visit...

...but I'll be glad to get home to my honey. I'm feeling a little homesick today.


  1. If you're an anomaly, so am I. I like going home to visit NYC where there are a lot more short people around--ok, there are just more people.

  2. Hope you had fun at Ga SnB! You know what's funny? Admittedly we come from a land of shorties up here. I forgot that until I was in SW Ont for awhile and then returned.

    If Georgians came up here they would probably think:
    "Why are y'all so short up here?"
    "Where's the gravy? - all I keep getting is chow. And who the heck eats fishcakes for breakfast? By the way, what the heck is chow?"
    "I think I feel a little faint, must be an oxygen overdose"

  3. Anonymous2:32 p.m.

    I'm in Atlanta and I can answer the construction question for you in one word: YES. Atlanta is always tearing something down and building up something else and since it's warm (okay, hot) down here, they do it twelve months out of the year! Glad you're having fun here.