Saturday, October 22, 2005

Let The Annual Last-To-Turn-On-The-Furnace Challenge BEGIN!!!

I'm home. Never been so glad to type those two words in my life. Don't get me wrong. Atlanta was lovely. The people were so nice and friendly and the weather was glorious. There were just parts of my trip (or perhaps the person I shared a room with on my trip) that were frustrating. HOWEVER... I'm not going to discuss that frustration here. Let's just say that I have arrived home with a sizeable wound in my tongue which was caused by BITING IT!

I met the homesick Canuck otherwise known as the artist, Jodi and Hockey Mom who were both funny and endearing and just so darned nice. This was my first PLANNED blogger meeting. (I met another blogger quite by accident one day... one who seems to have taken leave of the blogosphere.)

We ate at an Ethopian restaurant where we were treated to a video of ethnic dancers. I had no idea that the human body could shimmy that fast. After supper, Hockey Mom gave me a nice tour of Atlanta and the sights. Some call it "lost" others call it a sightseeing tour.

Please go to Jodi's blog for photos. Well, that is if you want to see a photo of me playing with my cankle sock and looking so much like my father (except for the ponytail) that I want to crawl out of my own skin (my dad is a handsome guy... I just don't want to be a "handsome" woman, if you know what I'm sayin'). My photos are still on the film that needs to be developed.

So, you've noticed the title of this entry. I started typing this on Saturday night, in my bed where I was sitting on a heating pad and wearing the turtleneck quasi-poncho thingy that I made for surviving our self-imposed ban on heat. Last year at this time, Andrew was in England and I turned the heat on the morning before he got home. This year, he's here to experience the joy of the crisp fall mornings... the frosty afternoons and the sight of the dishcloth, steaming as it sits on the counter. He can marvel with me as our breath cuts through the cold air in our bedroom.

The challenge is on, gang... It is 15 Celsius (about 59F) in my house right now. It got down to 12C (about 52F) before I turned on the furnace last year on October 26th. We're hoping to get past November 1 this time. Does anyone else want to join me in this challenge?



  1. We're with you, but even with our milder weather Mart is starting to cave...

    Quick, I'd better finish his sweater.

  2. you all need HELP

  3. I lasted until the house hit 14 deg on the weekend, gave a brief speech on how I was freezing my arse off, and turned the furnace up to a balmy 16 deg. It only turns on very briefly once in awhile....does that really count as "on"?

    BTW, you know I work at home, that should count for something. Is *your* workplace set at 16 deg? I know, enough excuses, I'm a wuss.

  4. I gave in when my indoor temp reached 60F (?C) a couple of days ago. I know I'm a big wuss...

    Just in case you're wondering, I found you via Moe

  5. Hey Steph! Dieter and I have a rule in our house that there is no heat between May 1 and November 1. He likes to set goals that cause me to suffer (did you know that as part of my marriage vow I had to swear to only buy 6 pairs of shoes a year? He said 4 and I said 8 and the JP had to negotiate us to 6). But last year for Xmas he gave me an electric blanket, a hot water bottle with a sheep cover on it (so adorable) and proceeded to cut up and split all the fallen trees that surrounded our house so I could have a fire whenever I want. The fireplace and the electric blanket have seen some serious action since September and my beloved Sleepy Sheepy hot water bottle never gets cold. (I even use the hot water bottle and the electric blanket together which is probably not so smart). However, you'll probably be able to hear a giant "aaaah" from porters lake on November 1 when I crank that furnace.

  6. Moe, I would say you are definitely excused from the "no heat 'til Nov 1" challenge. I'm sure it's stated in the International Human Rights Law somewhere that those working from home should not be forced to endure self-imposed home heating bans.

    Martha - I've only got a small electric heating pad. That electric blanket sounds divine.

  7. blogless Kate11:50 a.m.

    I caved last night already...Came home to a thermostat that could not register the lack of heat in the house (less than 10 deg C). The furnace is off again this morning, but we'll see how long that lasts.

  8. No contest. Heat went on a week or two ago -- even though it only ever got down to 16C or so inside. But I can't stand the lack of circulation in my toes and fingers when I'm at the computer or marking, which is what I do at home most of the time. The house seems pretty efficient, though, and the furnace only seems to need to come on once in the morning and then once or twice in the evening after we come home to heat the place up to near 20C. And of course we don't have the heat on at all overnight -- that would be crazy!

    But I will admit that my heating bill may make me reconsider my stand, now that we're heating with oil...