Monday, October 03, 2005

Have I Got Stories For YOU!

I'm in St. John's, Newfoundland right now and BOY, oh BOY, do I have stories for all of you!

It's been a grand adventure so far. Here are the teasers:
- the best driving directions ever, given by a cab driver, complete with a demonstration of how we should pass certain exits ("see how I'm driving past that exit? I'm not turning in, am I?") and how we should signal for the one we were to take, all done wit' a 'tick Newfie hack-cent. HE ROCKED the ROCK!
- making a joke in security at the airport (I am such a loud-mouthed DUMBASS).
- the smallest domestic passenger plane I have ever been on (I've been in a biplane, so it's not the smallest airplane, just the smallest one that also carried my luggage).
- a large moose who was "Occupying my lane"
- missed photo opportunities
- almost getting us all killed by choking on a mouthful of water while driving on the "TCH" (i THOUGHT I WAS GOING TOWARD THE LIGHT)
- a lot of laughter
- general bad behaviour
- knitting (I'm almost done a the bunny baby hat out of SnB Nation! - but I was chastized for knitting in the car b/c if we were to get in an accident, the needle might go through my nose and into my brain, dontcha know?)

Ok, I've got work to do. I do have some photos, I'll share them later.


  1. Can't wait to hear the rest...

    Re: you almost choking to death on a mouthful of water (towards the light, har)...

    Do you know I often choke on my own saliva? Gross, and embarassing, but true.

  2. hmmm I think I will stick to travelling with other friends and NOT YOU! A JOKE IN SECURITY!!! Oh noooooooo!!! it is bad enough.... BAD BAD BAD steph....