Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Airplane Conversations

During safety demonstration:
Manager: If I'm in the water, and the life vest doesn't self inflate, how am I supposed to blow up the life vest if I can't swim?

Me: I guess that you could use the air you'll be hyperventilating with.

Later, somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland:
Me: Hey, we're over the ocean now.

Manager: I don't need to know that... geez.

Me: Sorry.

Manager: What if we crashed in the water and I can't swim... I'd be asking you to save me.

Me: What? Do my job responsibilities never end? I have to save your life too?

Manager: *mock horror* HEY! You'd still be on company time, you'd have to save me. With your last breath!

Me: I can see us now in the water. You're like an albatross around my neck.

Manager: HEY! An albatross? That's so mean.

Me: I think I would have to resign if we landed in the water.

Manager: *laughter*

Later, while manager is quietly reading and I'm knitting.

Me: Uh, you know you're not really an albatross, right?

Manager: Yeah. sheesh.

Me: And I would look out for you in the water... but you'd have to at least paddle a bit.

Manager: Yeah. I know.

Random quotes:
Me: geez, this plane is dirty - there's a squished cracked under the seat in front of me.

Manager: Oh, no one is here to pick us up. Look, that man is bringing flowers to the person he's waiting for. Our men are late and there's no one here to hug us or kiss us.

Me: Oh, for Pete's sake, HERE, *giving her a quick hug* but I'm drawing the line at the kiss.

Manager: Doh!

I'm home. We didn't land in the water, but at least we worked out our contingency plan in the event of a plane crash. We were both pretty tired from our trip and were getting punchy at the thought of being home. You know, as much as my manager is a crazy lady, we do have fun teasing each other.

As I already mentioned, I have some fun road stories to share, but I'm pretty much zonked at this point and, apparently my father is on his way here for a quick overnight stay. I had no idea that he was coming down until Mr. Happy picked me up at the airport. Yeesh. What does this look like, a bed and breakfast?

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  1. Glad to hear the airplane ride was relatively uneventful, but amusing.

    We are a bed & breakfast (and supper too) here as well. That's the trouble with having a house in the city. I think we would get less visitors if we lived in a small 1 bdrm apt somewhere in clayton park.