Sunday, October 30, 2005

Red Hot Sexy (or Cold Weather Loungewear)


This was the site of my demise this week. The scene hasn't really changed much (I've moved to the other sofa):

Let me give you the inventory of what is surrounding that sofa. Let's go clockwise from the top left.

On the sofa:
1. The extension cord in which my cellphone is plugged. 'cause I wouldn't want to get off my arse to answer the phone
2. A hat I was knitting for Tangled Skeins. (sitting on the blanket)
3. TV remote control
4. AN ENTIRE CHOCOLATE CAKE. Thanks alot, NORMA! I practically ate the entire thing that night. Geez. You were right about the cayenne pepper, though. Who knew?!?!?!

Sitting on my coffee table (aka the bass drum)
5. Coffee (to warm my hands)
6. Bath and Body Works hand cream. YUM.
7. A bag of Rowan wool cotton.
8. The bunny hat made out of #7.

On the floor
9. My backpack (only mentioned b/c I love the colour).
10. The heating pad, where I was resting my feet.
11. The blanket that went over my feet.

I think the fact that the cake is sitting on the couch just kind of says it all, doesn't it?

No? You need further proof that my life has gone downhill? Ok. Here's what I looked like that brisk evening:

That's a double layer of fleece, gang. It's the world's most unattractive housecoat (featuring teddy bears) and a pair of fleece pjs with snowmen. Note: I'm wearing a t-shirt UNDER all that fleece.

It was 52F in the house this morning and it's back up to 54 tonight. I have a feeling that we'll be turning on the heat tomorrow. I bought the removable plastic caulking to seal up our drafty windows and a kit to cover the two windows that seem to give us the most grief. Once we finish with those things, we'll be firing up the furnace.

Tomorrow morning, however, we'll be catching up on Coronation Street!


  1. Uncle K1:52 a.m.

    Go to MEC, buy a fleece jacket, warm Long Johns and wool socks. Get the big wool blanket and you can hold out till OHHHH probably 43 degrees. Mec has fleece touques with the ear flaps. If you get one of those you can survive till 38 degrees.

    Want to go for broke? MEC has the
    -35 sleeping bags !!!!

    By the way, that is a great "guy" couch.TV zzzzz TV zzzzzzz TV zzzzzz OOOOPS it's 1:00 am.

  2. Anonymous8:21 a.m.

    Great suggestions from your uncle K!

    I absolutely *heart* your glasses (you look really cute in them). I'm one of those crazy 20/20 people who is jealous of glasses-wearers b/c I think it makes you look smart.

    I've decided that I NEED fleece jammies. I'm wearing MEC polar fleece pants (accessorized with dog hair) and an acrylic bobble-knit sweater my mom bought for me from a craft fair. I think I've had it for about 15 yrs or so. It is so ugly but I love it.

  3. Dude. Mixing snowmen and teddy bears is like mixing plaids and stripes. You must really be cold.

    Maybe you should have set your goal for daylight savings instead of November, then you could have turned the furnace on a day early!

    ps you look totally cute in those glasses

  4. We turned on the heat yesterday. We're wimps, but it's been getting really cold. Plus, Jodi is here and she needed heat. She demanded it in fact.

    You are kind of cute in all your fuzzy, fleecy glory. ;)

  5. But it's such a SMALL cake. ;-)

    I know it's a bit sacrosanct among the knitworld, but I'm totally down with the fleece. Yesterday I wore two layers for gardening and it was perfection. And machine washable-dryable!

  6. our dooohickey is in celcius and it is well above 20 and we had a fire going last night and I still wrapped m self in a sweater and fleece blanket - TURN ON THE HEAT. I think I am suffering from sympathy freeze. TURN ON THE HEAT!!!!

  7. You can do it, you can do it. November 1, November 1. Just remember, a big part of tomorrow you'll be at work. That's if you didn't give in today...

  8. Hmm...I think I have the same blanket on my couch.

    I think everyone should take a picture of their knitting chair/couch and post it. Then we'll all be able to imagine our favourite people more easily.