Friday, October 28, 2005

It All Happened At Stitch and Bitch

Wednesday night was the first time I had been to Stitch and BItch in what seems like forever. It was just Moe and I for a while. We sipped our frothy coffee flavoured drinks and caught up on the news.

Moe worked away on the hat she has started for Mr. Moe...

And I worked away on the scarf I'm making from the Malabrigo.

Eventually Morgan showed up. It was the first time I had seen her since the summer. She bounded through the door with her usual exuberance and proceeded to whip out a crochet hook and start making flowers for an upcoming show:

Moe and I both commented on how fast her hands were moving. It seemed like she turned out a flower in about a minute.
As you can see here:

Moe is in awe.

We had a lovely time until IT happened. The Clapotis was mentioned. Moe made a Clapotis. She was very put out when she only needed about a yard of yarn to finish, but didn't have enough yarn. She refused to buy another entire ball of yarn and chose to bind off. I would have done the exact same thing if it had been me... but well, Frecklegirl ran into a similar problem with her Clapotis and was very frustrated by it. I left the following tongue-in-cheek comment on Frecklegirl's blog... not really sure if Moe was a regular reader or not...

My pal, Moe ( ended up with one wonky corner on her Clapotis. She needed less than a meter of Estelle Silk to finish it, but couldn't bring herself to but another whole ball for that amount! We all politely avert our eyes when the wonky corner is showing. It's both out of respect for her beautiful knitting and embarassment (it's almost as if her fly is perpetually down). The corner of shame... oh the shame... (I think she might maim me with her needles at our next SnB if she finds out about this. Heh heh.)

I hope that stupid little ball of yarn has a brother or sister out there

...but kind of hoping that she was... 'cause I knew she would get it.

It wasn't long before Moe found me out...

Hi, Moe here. Steph doesn't realize that I'm a regular reader of your blog (love it by the way - you and Casey are the cutest).
Alas, it's true. I bound off and dropped the stitches about 8 rows short of the final corner. I even had MORE yardarge (in another yarn) than called for. Bought an extra ball to be sure. Still ran out. That said, in my defense, you SO cannot tell. I have had numerous unsolicited compliments from strangers (non-knitters!) on it. Off to leave a comment on Stephs blog now....

and I felt the need to let Frecklegirl that we weren't going to start a war in her comments.

But like Moe says: You really don't notice the corner unless she points it out. (darn... literary license has gotten me in trouble again!) And it is a gorgeous scarf. I'm so jealous of all these Clapotis that I spend my shifts at the LYS staring at the yarn thinking "Is that worthy of the Clapotis? Would that work? How about that?"

Little did I know what Moe had planned for me at SnB. Although our evening started out with fun and laughter, the end wasn't quite so comfortable.

Do you see that? She's got a 6mm needle and she's coming at me! Argh!

Note to self: Don't use your friend's knitting frustration as blog fodder. It's not nice.

Heating hold-out: I almost caved tonight. But it's a balmy 57F in here right now and Andrew convinced me to hold out!


  1. Argh. Quit with the heat, please! Turn it on, if only for me. I'm tired of feeling like a bad Canadian because I am in freaking GEORGIA and am complaining that my Shack is too cold! I actually had the pathetic bathroom (shawarma) heater on for most of the day, not to heat the house (oh, if only it did that) but in a desperate attempt to dry Mariah, who had a bath on Tuesday and is now still way to wet to keep me warm in this cold storage unit I stupidly mistook for a house. Steph, please turn your heat on.

  2. hehe

    You guys are funny. :)

    Yes, and the heat needs to go on. How will you knit with frozen fingers??

  3. Anonymous9:04 a.m.

    I look like a sociopath. Scary.

    I admit, I have been using my pet for snuggle warmth as well, and have been deliberately holding off on her bath so she stays dry. Her new name is "miss stinky ears".

  4. turn on the heat - how much $$ do I have to steal from mommy to send you so that you will turn on the heat. I will send you her credit card! then you can turn on the heat for a bit.

  5. even I of the electric blanket and brandy have turned on my heat (cause my mum yelled at me) do it too!
    moe looks so cute! thanks for the action crochet shot; I posted the flower pattern. take that lily chin.