Friday, October 28, 2005

Yarn in the Media

So, I was driving home... well, actually, I was driving to my LYS yesterday when I heard the some of the most appalling words ever spoken by a news reporter on CBC Radio 1:

Atlantic Yarns announced the "temporary" closure of their two mills in northern New Brunswick today...

Suddenly I heard a loud scream that sounded like The Man In Black when his heart was breaking... and realized, to my horror, that the scream was coming from my own mouth.


How can this possibly be? Is it because they're making cotton yarn in northern climes? Is it because it's a "crap yarn" factory? Or is it that good yarn has had the misfortune to fall in the hands of bad managers?

I managed to get home safely, despite weeping uncontrollably and worrying about yarn being misrepresented in the media... after only a brief stop at my LYS to buy Brown Sheep Nature spun to make something for the niece and nephews for Christmas...

I had some supper and then, ensconced myself on the couch with my yarn around me for comfort, I ripped back the Malabrigo scarf I had started at SnB on Wednesday night (too narrow) and turned on the TV for some mindless fluff (we have "Peasant-Vision" so there aren't many choices at 7pm).

Catherine Z-J was being interviewed about her upcoming movie and she was asked what she did when filming was over for the day. She said, and I quote to the best of my ability,

"Go back to my room to sleep or to knit. I had everyone on the set knitting."

I will set aside any and all opinions about CZJ and she will forever be known, in my mind, as this century's Catherine The Great for her commitment to spreading the word of the joy of knitting to the masses.

I bet she doesn't use crap yarn.

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  1. Anonymous11:33 a.m.

    It must be poor management or crap yarn...
    "In a letter sent to employees on Monday, the company gave workers only a one-line explanation for the shutdown. It blamed 'continuing poor market conditions' for the lay-offs, adding that the mill will only start up again if those conditions improve."

    Poor market conditions? What?! Knitting is hotter than ever!