Friday, November 04, 2005

8:42pm Atlantic Time

The furnace is on. The heating hold-out has ended. Shortly before the furnace was turned on the inside temperature was 13C.

I would like to make a few points before anyone thinks to utter the word "wuss".

1. We have started thinking of 12C (55F) as "liveable".
2. It has been 14C (56F) and under for the majority of the last 15 days.
3. The plants are starting to lean toward the neighbour's side of the house.
4. Andrew and I could see our breath in the air last Sunday.
5. When I misplaced the dishcloth, all you had to do was look for the steam above it.
6. The refrigerator seemed warm.
7. I no longer shiver at 13C (55F).
8. The butter in the cupboard is harder than the butter in the refrigerator.
9. I've started to suspect that Andrew is working long hours only to stay away from our house.
10. CBC has stupidly cancelled the Roundup. (Not sure what that has to do with us being called wusses, but living with no heat and hearing that the Roundup has been cancelled... well, something had to give. I was getting too close to the edge.)

Andrew and I just got home from dinner with JAK and her husband (who just made VP of his company - YEAH!!!! Congrats!). We had sushi. YUM. I wish I had thought to photograph Andrew stuffing the end piece of a soft-shelled crab roll into his mouth. All these legs sticking out everywhere... heh heh... It was funny.

Thanks, everyone for your kind "Blogiversary" wishes. Sniff... You made me feel so loved!

Ok, gotta go. The heat is on, baby... on the street. I think I can take off the touque now!

Tomorrow, photos! (I hope)


  1. No heat on yet over here on the other side of the harbour.
    Roundup... not a fan of Tetsuro Shigematsu liked Bill Richardson. The replacement show appears so be all contemporary music.

  2. Uncle K10:15 p.m.

    As I was reading I was just informed by Karen that she now has a Knitting bag. The bag has pictures of dogs, of course, with "faithful companion" embroidered on the side. Inside I see a book that I assume is an instruction book on knitting and some companion needles and yarn. Oh, sissors as well. The book you ask? Well alright I'll snoop. It's entitled "Book 1 The Knit Stitch. The knitting experience, Inspiration and instruction." Written by Sally Melville. So you knitting "junkie", is that a good book to start an addictive career?

    Sure signs you are living with a knit-aholic

    1. I knit alone.
    2. I've changed friends to associate with more "serious knitters".
    3. I have a knit first thing in the morning.
    4. My dress has changed to reflect my knitting addiction.
    5. My family complains about my knitting.
    6. I've spent more money than I intent on knitting paraphenalia.
    7. My knitting affects my work. I knit secretly in the can at the office.
    8. I experience knitting withdrawal. Tremors in the presence of yarn, knitting dreams, I fall asleep knitting, memory loss about the countless knitting projects..
    9. Some people call me "A NEEDLE FREEK". I spend more money on needles than food.
    10. I tell myself that "I will quit tomorrow"

    Love ya !!