Sunday, November 06, 2005

And... The Heat is Back Off!

The heat was on for less than 24 hours. Andrew and I enjoyed a lovely warm evening at home last night... and woke up this morning to find it incredibly warm outside. We turned off the heat and said, ok, maybe we were being wusses last night. The heat has been off since about noon and it's still 64F in the house.

It was so nice outside today that when I was vacuuming out the car I was warm enough to take off my jacket.

I haven't got much energy to blog tonight... so instead I've got some photos for you.

This is one of the streets I bike every morning on my way to work.

I noticed two people walking through the leaves that morning. Their feet were making that "Shoof, shoof" sound that Bill Watterson always wrote into Calvin and Hobbes cartoons when they walked through the leaves. It's great onomatopoeia. Shoof shoof. I need to do some shoof shoofing of my own. I love that sound.

This is what I wore when I biked home from work the other night.

Please imagine a black helmet topping off that colourful set and you'll understand why I started doing superhero poses in the kitchen (all by myself, b.t.w.) before I left for work that morning.

This is the completed bunny hat for my cousin's baby:

It's just so darned cute that it needed booties. DOH!

Our plan for global domination through knitting has spread. Uncle K and I were chatting on MSN only moments ago and he sent photos of the knitting my aunt has been doing this evening! YAY!!!!!!! Go Auntie K, GO!!!!


  1. Shoof shoof! Too funny! I love that sound too, just not the chill in the air that comes with it.

    The bunny hat is adorable! I should make one of those for my daughter (she's 2) -- it would look so sweet on her. I like your green hat too. It's great! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Love the green hat/helmet??? Where did you find the patten? I love shoofing through the leaves. I must admit I cheated on the heat this weekend and last as I stayed over at my parents house. My Mom has had the heat on since ... July or August.

  3. You look spiffy in your green hat. Yes, here too: Yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that it was warmer OUTside than in -- the temp was reading 65F outside. We keep it at 62 in. I decided to open the windows, heh.

  4. Those leaves (and hats of course) are beautiful. The leaves are only beginning to change here. BTW, I'm impressed with your strength at withstanding the cold. I am most definitely a wuss when it comes to the cold - I blame my subtropical upbringing. Congrats on your bloggy bday by the should come visit Tokyo some time!!!

  5. Yay - the ears are on the hat- they look fantastic (so cute). How many attempts/glasses of wine did it take?

    You look really good in that shade of green (cascade? Love the colour).

    I love the shoof shoof sound too...

  6. Yeah, FOs! I love the green hat on you. It's warm here again and I'm off to Florida where it's positively hot--but that's not stopping me from bringing knitting.

  7. hi!
    i miss halifax!!