Monday, November 07, 2005

Arguments For Turning The Heat Back On

Despite the fact that it has been unseasonably mild here since Saturday, I have been toying with the idea of turning the heat back on. Here are just a few of the arguments I have prepared for when Andrew questions my sanity:
1. I can drape my clothes (and his) over the radiator so they are warm when I get dressed in the morning. This perk also extends to pajamas, housecoats, towels, and when it's really cold, shoes or boots.

2. Walking out of the huge cloud of steam when leaving the bathroom after having a shower, although reminiscent of an 80s rock video, gets old fairly quickly.

3. I'm always losing my knitting needles in the blankets on the couch.

4. My body is starting to lose the ability to regulate its own temperature. Last night I found myself wearing my big sweater at my SIL's house, even though they had the wood stove blazing - she asked if I was cold.

Probably the most compelling argument thus far:

5. My handknit socks are not yet dry after their first washing on the weekend.


  1. Anonymous2:44 p.m.

    For. the. love. of. pete. Turn on your heat. We have ours at a balmy 16-17 deg C and it's heaven (*snort*). Cold enough to not feel guilty about having the heat on but not so much that my arms go numb trying to conserve heat for my internal organs.

  2. But it's hot out!

  3. it's not "hot" out hot is 30 degrees celsuis. Hot is 105 farenheit. It is not HOT. It may be oddly mild for november but it won't last....

  4. I don't know how you can stand it. I have had the heat on forever. We keep it at 20 and I am still cold. Growing up we had a wood stove, and I have been cold since I moved out(12years)! Even in Houston I was cold, because the keep the air conditioning set so low. Good luck.


  5. #5 is the most compelling argument of all