Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blinking Heavy

Gee, I almost forgot to tell you... Andrew's band has a new video out. It was made by Fluorescent Hill and it's getting rave reviews.

Click here
First you'll see this screen:
You'll need to click where it says video/audio at the bottom left of the screen.

The next screen that comes up should look like this:

But if you look really close at this picture, you'll see that I've added an arrow that shows you where to click for the new video. "Try telling that to my baby" is the song. The video is in Quicktime, and some people have had problems downloading it (*added later: actually, it will download, you just have to wait for about 4 minutes for it to start playing). I'm not a techno-wiz, so if you have problems... uh... yeah... sorry *shrugs shoulders*.

For those of you who watch it, a word of warning: You may experience cravings for sugary treats during and after viewing.


  1. Crazy, Steph. Crazy. But how come the cupcake guy was all scared and weirded out until the green bulbous-head guys showed up, and then he loosened up and got happy? If I were a scared little cupcake guy, those crazy buggers would only have made me more scared.

  2. Very entertaining. I thought for a minute I was having a bad acid trip flashback. Then I remembered, I've never done acid. So it was ok.

    Seriously though, very creative! I'm also glad that it had a happy ending. The cupcake deserved to get his just desserts(sorry, couldn't resist the dorky pun-cliche).

  3. Oh! My! Goodness! That was the cutest cupcake ever! Very sweet (hee!), and I liked the song, too :)

  4. Wow! What a cool video. I am going to go watch it again. :)