Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh... gulp... Dear.

In case you can't see that... I'm the number 1 result for a Google search "why was cbc's roundup cancelled"... and I use the phrase, "Stupidly cancelled".

I am not going to be very poop-pooh-lair with the CBC.


  1. Well, fuck'em. They deserve it. They have never once, ever, actually listened to what people want. So why should they care now?

  2. Anonymous10:10 a.m.

    That's pretty funny - how did you find that out?

    You may not be popular with CBC, but your are #1 in a google search! Take the 15 min of fame where you can.

  3. Steph! Try Halifax...I think that works. Canadians are people too!

  4. Haha, right on. I ended up starting a blog in a fit of rage after hearing the abomination of freestyle and loudly comoplaining to my cbc-pationate friend. Good to see there's other youthful fans of cbc that share the opinion. Actually, I can't find anybody from any generation who's pleased with the replacement. Congratulations on the google placement! I've been contacting audience relations, hopefully somebody there will listen.

  5. Well there I was on Friday, just driving along ... and as is my wont when driving along, I turned on the radio ... to hear words about it being the last Roundup show. Almost went off the road.

    Quite a shocker let me tell you - not having heard anything about it beforehand. You see I've gotten out of the habit of _automatically_ turning on the radio, because of the strike.
    So I am relieved to hear you may have something to do with it, Steph. For these past few days I thought it was ME - and my lack of support.

  6. Ok, now I get it.
    Two people have left me comments or emails to the effect that they understood this entry to mean that I thought I was the reason the Roundup was cancelled.

    That's not what I meant... All I meant was that when someone googled that phrase, "why was cbc's roundup cancelled", the first Google hit they saw was my blog.

    I'm not the reason. If anything I, as a staunch CBC supporter, would like to personally duct tape to a wall whoever had the brilliant idea to cancel the show. Tetsuro may not have been my favourite host, but Bill... Bill played Andrew's band... and I loved Bill... sniff sniff...

    Sorry for the confusion.

  7. i am sooooooooooooo glad that now i have yet another station to hear my favouritest top forty tunes as i work! yahoo! huzzah! me and all my buddies just love air guitaring to it! rock on!

    thanks to you
    C anadian B ozos C orporation
    everything i know i learned on cbc. now i just feel dirty.unawwp

  8. p.s.
    i'm sure that in the tradition of crown corporations, they will be blinded by their autonomy. if anyone knows a really good hacker we could probably pool our cash for a case of jones soda and some cheetos as he hacks into the cbc and reprograms this segment. they probably won't notice anyway. they obviously don't listen to their own radio programs or they would be waking up in their own vomit.

    or an armed coup?

  9. So annoying, I agree! I cried on the Friday they said it was the last Roundup - I couldn't believe it. In the spirit of giving it chance, I went to the Freestyle Home page - what the hell? It was Adult Middle of the Road Heaven. Water cooler fodder? I wrote an e-mail but of course, no response. I love the CBC but if I wanted AM radio work tunes, I could find them anywhere - ack!