Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bummed Out...

I told my dad last night that I feel like I have a little black cloud over my head right now.


I can hardly wait for SnB tonight. I need my knitter friends! And creative banter.

And a good cup of coffee!


  1. I hear ya sister. I think we are sharing the same cloud right now (hence my general lack of blog posting over the past week).

    I'm looking forward to seeing my creative peeps too...

  2. Here's hoping the windstorm blows the little black cloud away. Failing that, have fun with your knitfriends, whether real or 'imaginary'!

  3. Anonymous3:31 p.m.

    I don't know what SnB is, but it sounds like the perfect place to pick a girls spirits up. Feel better!


  4. I think that black cloud has extended to PEI, Steph. I have got to get back to Hali. Need knit now. Hope SnB was the cure for you.

  5. Hope that SnB did the trick for you and that you're feeling more chipper. You know,yarn retail therapy works wonders too... ;) And with the weather the way that it has been for the last couple of days...I think some sock knitting is in order.

  6. Well my dear, I hope by now the cloud has passed, if not a glass of wine and chocolate when taken with yarn are often a good temporary solution!

  7. I hope we helped (I tried to post this before but it didn't work)! If you want, I will dress up like a tree at the next snb and sing for you (and I won't rhyme groin with loins)
    hmm maybe not.

  8. Looks like you need a change of scenery. Want to work at HIAA at 4 a.m. That's worth a bit of change. Have you been to the new yarn shop on Barrington...
    P.S. have been having trouble finding your blog lately...

  9. I've been thinking about you, hope things are going ok, have a good week, Jane