Saturday, November 19, 2005

There Goes the Neighbourhood

I haven't blogged a lot this week as it's been kind of hectic. I'm waiting for a friend to pick me for a birthday party, so I have a few moments.

Tuesday morning we realized that having a house on a busy street isn't always protection against vandalism. Andrew had arrived home around 3:30am and when we went outside at 8:00am, this is what we found:

The only thing the vandals took was some change, about $5.00. You can see that besides being a complete arse-hole, the person who did this to our car is also a moron.

See it? They left behind a hand knit hat. Dumb arse.

Wednesday I drove to Cape Breton, Thursday we trained and then drove home. Somewhere in there, it rained cats and dogs and I stopped for a quick visit at Baa-deck Yarns. Sigh. I didn't spend any money there, though. Too bad, eh?

Today was Pippin's last day at our house. His family came home from the land of the mouse this afternoon. Oh boy were they excited both to tell their stories and to see Pippin. The Pipster almost came out of his skin when they pulled into the yard. He jumped and jumped and ran and ran... it was so cute to watch the kids with him!

I bet the kids would be even more excited if they had been present at Pippin's first recording session. This is him, recording some vocals to go with the bed tracks the band put down last night.

Then we went into the control booth, where he listened to the first few takes. He wasn't really pleased with the sound.

After Pippin went home, I finished this Sophie bag for the birthday party tonight. I took some photos of it after it came out of the washer, but the flash washed the colours out completely. The pink glowed like it was lit from within. It was too creepy. This is all you get.

Ok, must run. My friend is on the way! Ta!


  1. Oh Steph! I can't believe your car was vandalized. That's awful. Thieves are so stupid - don't they know how much handknit hats are worth when you charge for labour?

    I'm glad you had a good visit with Pippin. Sophie was extremely happy to see me when I got home late Friday night. A dog's love knows no bounds.

    Knitting this wednesday? Bringing the sophie bag to show off? It looks great - I love hot pink.

  2. the screechy car! I'm so sorry! What do you think is up with the hat? I think you should write a short story about it!!! Were they after tokens? (I've heard of that happening. I have to laugh; it's so awful)
    Pippin is so cute, I would hat him. (ps did I hear on the cbc that Andrew and co are going overseas?) I better get hatmaking. lol your car is famous; it's been hatted. (I don't mean to be flip-I really am horrified that it happened to you.) Bring sophie to snb; i have showntell too xoxo

  3. I think your comment thing either ate my comment I did use a few naughty I may have been censored.
    What I said was:
    Hmmm now that I think about it when my house was robbed a couple of years ago all the thieves took was the computers, cash, jewellery. They left behind my plants, the yarn stash, hand knit socks, my books, my loom, the cats and my dog. The b*st*rds went through I had to de-creep my house.
    I found candles and incense at Little Mysteries which restored the balance I found candles and incense at Little Mysteries which took away the creepy feeling and restored the balance. Sorry about your car...The J*RKS!

  4. sorry about your car, Steph - that's just terrible! Guess it's good that the thieves didn't know a good thing when they saw it. The hat looks good - guess it won't need trauma counselling. But I bet that it could do with a nice snuggle with some new yarn. Moral support and all that. ;)

    Will hopefully see the show off on Wednesday...let's just hope that my body decides to let me keep adult hours.

  5. Stupid thieves. What a drag, when I lived in MN it happened any number of times and besides feeling a bit violated by the experience, it's also just a pain in the tuchas.

  6. Steph!! I am so sorry!

    That has happened to me twice and of course the one time my whole car was stolen. It feels like someone went throughj your underwear drawer. Violated. I am so so sorry!!

    You hang in there.