Saturday, November 12, 2005

Doggy Retreat and Spa, Day 2

Some of you may recall that Andrew and I sometimes run a spa for our four-legged nephew, Pippin. He's an awfully cute dog. A Wheaton Terrier (or Terr'r according to Mouse). My SIL brought him to stay with us while she, her husband and the kids go on vacation in that place with the talking mouse. So, while they're having a great time in the sunny climes, Pippin is here with us.

Here is why I think he likes our house:
1. Our neighbours have a black lab with whom Pippin is in love.
2. He can sleep without anyone bothering him (well, no one is grabbing him to hug him or... wait, I was doing that earlier).
3. He's the only "kid" in the house so he can be as crazy as he wants to be.
4. He adores his "Uncle Andrew".

Here's a little snapshot of Pippin's day.

First thing this morning, he went out for a pee, but then came back in to snuggle with Andrew. He trots right back upstairs and jumps in the bed. I startled him, so he's sitting up in this photo. That's Andrew's hand off to the right.

You can see that Pippin is wearing a fleece "coat" in this photo. It's something I made for Bentley, who is now in Doggy Heaven. Pippin and I had a talk about how cold he was with his new haircut (the groomer told my SIL that she got the award for 2005's Most Matted Dog - OOps!) and how his Uncle Bentley wouldn't have wanted him to be cold. It's not quite long enough for Pippin, but it keeps him warm.

I was working at Tangled Skeins today, so Pippin and Uncle Andrew walked down to pick up the car and stopped in for a quick visit.

Pippin didn't have a lot of time to look around as he had to go to the studio to do some recording with Andrew. He did take a few moments to pick out some things that he liked.

Pippin is a dog with undeniable taste and an appreciation for quality. He picked this out right away. It's called "Flaxen". It's GORGEOUS.

Then, he complimented me on this:

What a sweetie. But I had to tell him that Sheryl started the hat, I just finished it off. Silly dog. It's Noro. I can't remember which kind, but it's so cute!

After I closed up the shop, Andrew picked me up. Pippin was relaxing at home. I had supper and then sat down with some knitting. Pippin was curious about my knitting and asked if he could model the finished product. Who can argue with a face this cute?

That's the hat I made to match my Noro Silk Garden shade 87 scarf. I had just a little left over, so I made these:

And since I'm avoiding my Christmas knitting, and I'm being truthful about it, here's the toe-up sock I started at SnB last week.

At least I'm knitting from the stash!

Must finish off. Pippin needs to go outside before we have our nightcap and head to bed!


  1. Anonymous8:34 a.m.

    Pippin, you little cutie! Who's a good boy for wearing knit wear? Who is? (sending virtual belly rubs)

  2. Um, I'm pretty sure *I* would win the award for Most Matted Dog. That's why I've stopped bothering to take Vincent to the groomer's, even. I just do the hack job myself.

  3. pippin you need s coat that fits better