Thursday, December 08, 2005

Because I don't have enough to distract me

Check out our Frappr!

Click away... add yourself to the map.

If you need me, I'll be teaching Henry how to play the thumb piano.

Update, December 8: When I went home last night there were two of you on the map: Kestrel and Samantha. Hi ladies! *waves like a freaking loonie*
I can't check the map at home b/c my Imac is old and crusty and would probably end its life as a black smouldering heap on the floor if I were to download another browser... so, you can imagine my surprise when I checked in this morning and there were 18 of you! OH WOW!
I'm in this shocked state of glee! There are 18 people out there who read my blog? What freaks me out is that some of them are people whose blogs I have yet to visit!
And you're all such a great looking bunch.
Yeah, Debbie, that includes you - your photo might not be there, but I've seen you in person! And you too, Minou.
The photos are awesome!
Like Sandy - there she is and I think she's wearing Buffalo Brownski.
And Aven, who will soon be experiencing her first winter in the snow belt.
And Norma, who appears to be getting ready for some ice fishing.
And Julie who appears to be doing some candy making and has a recipe for sweet potato soup that I'm going to copy. Hi Julie! I just swung by your blog for the first time.
And Diane E who has knit some amazing mittens... and who has some really fluffy cats. Hmmm... thrummed mitts with cat fur? I think the "shearing" process would lend itself to more finger injuries!
And Dana - who may or may not have pink hair and black horns (?) - Dana do you have a blog?
I could go on, but I've really got to get some work done today. And Henry hurt his hand on the thumb piano. We're currently exploring the subtle differences between the vibraphone and the glockenspiel. He may put this guy out of a job. (Hi Paul!)


  1. speaking of crap imacs....i couldn't join! it said halifax was an invalid city lol. i'll try again later on another computer; i want a map too!
    does anybody want to buy me a powerbook for xmas? :(

  2. You just never know who's lurking about do you? ;) One of my favorite things to do is scroll through pages that reference my site and go visit them.