Saturday, December 17, 2005

Because I Love A Good List

Not saying that this list will be good, but I do love making lists.

Thoughts While Waiting To Remove My Nephew's Birthday Cakes From The Pans:
1. Wow. It's 12:30am. Why didn't I make this cake when I got home?
2. Because I'm a stupid arse. That's why.
3. My eyes are so dry my contacts feel like they are about to hurl themselves from my eyes into the sink.
4. I wonder if I should ice the cake tonight?
5. When did I become my mother? (She used to bake late at night or early in the morning.)
6. I wonder if the neighbours are bothered by the Christmas music I have playing?
7. When Andrew and I have kids, I think we should plan it so that we aren't celebrating birthdays this close to Christmas. Poor Evan gets the short end of the stick every year.
8. What the heck did Dave put on this cd? It was Harry Connick Jr a second ago. Now some dude is wailing about singing Auld Lang Syne alone... wait, that is Harry... WTF?
9. I really NEED a shower.
10. I wonder if I can flip those cakes out of the pans now...


  1. I love lists too! Especially ones like yours!
    Mmmm, cake! You are a good auntie!

  2. My list:
    1. Don't ice a warm cake. Wait until tomorrow.
    2. Wear your glasses more. Chicks in glasses are so cute.

    I just finished sewing tab-top curtains for my younger BIL this afternoon. The tabs almost killed me.

  3. Bob the Builder cake, Barbie Cake, Giraffes and Madeline, I've all made them at night. Didn't want to ruin the surprise. Nor did I want little fingers licking the icing or the dough. Should have seen me making the gingerbread house this year, ran out of icing, the whole thing fell from the roof. M-girl said there were mice eating the candy because it took so long for me to get back to it and finish it.