Friday, December 16, 2005

In The Midst of All The Rush...

I know we're all knitting up a storm right now but in the midst of all the rush here are the things that have slowed me down and made me realize that although it is nice to give and receive gifts at Christmas time, it's nicer just to be with the ones you love:

1. My cousin is still undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. We all live in hope of a miracle.

2. A dear friend's 7-year-old niece was diagnosed with a brain tumour - and although they are very confident that she will be fine - the surgery is on Sunday and surgery is scary.

3. This is the first Christmas without my Grampy. It's hard to imagine Christmas without thinking of him: playing cards after supper, asking you to come sit beside him, cracking walnuts and sharing them , asking for a "small sliver of each" during dessert, and putting on his coat when it starts to get dark... It'll be good to see my Grammy on Boxing Day.

4. The yarn shop, Tangled Skeins, had a break-in on Monday night. They stole $, yarn, needles and Sheryl's sense of security. However, no one was in the shop when it happened, so no one was injured, and the damage to the shop, though a pain to clean up, was minimal. If you're a knitter in Dartmouth, please stop by and offer Sheryl your support.

5. When I woke up this morning, the sky was that heart-wrenching blue and the sun was so bright it hurt my eyes when I went outside. I love crisp, snowy days.
Please hug the ones you love this Christmas. If you don't finish knitting all their gifts, they'll understand.

I really hope they understand because my list is not looking good. I'm injured again - this time I cut the knuckle on my left index finger with a razor-blade box cutter. It's not painful, just stupid.
Here's my list:

Family I will see on Christmas Day:
Andrew: he's getting two skeins of yarn. Hey, it's Manos. He should be happy with the skeins!
FIL: Argh! Don't even know what to do for him.
MIL: Almost done - shawl.
SIL: DONE - knitted wrist warmers - Thank you Deb for leading me to the Irish Hiking pattern.
BIL: No ideas - probably a new tuque.
Niece: Intend to make her earrings and matching bracelet or necklace. Unless time warp is possible and I can knit her a hat and mitts this weekend. HA!
Nephew #1: Book on extreme sports? He's into skateboarding and snowboarding.
Nephew #2: Book on magic tricks? He's still doing the magic trick we showed him last weekend.*

Pippin: My 4-legged nephew's present is done. Thank goodness. (Minou - I even bought him a Greenie!)

Family I will see on (or need to have their gifts completed by) Boxing Day
Dad: 3/4 done (will finish during the kids Christmas concert on Sunday night)
Ivy: DONE - phew
Nieces in NB: DONE
Knitting Grammy: 2 skeins of Lucy's yarn**
Other Grammy: scarf
Grampy: he's bald - he needs a hat.
Great Auntie: Ummmm...
SS & her hubbie: ummm... I think I'm ok if they send something. Psssst... Ivy, tell them if they didn't do anything for us then they really don't have to!

Gifts I may need to make as we will see these people on Christmas Day, but nothing is ever formally arranged:
My SIL's inlaws, who have essentially adopted us:
Gramma Gene & Grampy Alison
Uncle Ian & Auntie Shoko

* Is it obvious that the brilliant idea of making Harry Potter Scarves went out the window? Those suckers are like 6 feet long EACH! What was I thinking? They'll get those next year.

** I had a discussion with my amazing, wonderful Grammy last night about how she makes knitted socks for everyone else, but not for herself. And she's always cold. I'm giving her the yarn and a pretty pattern so she can make her own. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice sock pattern for my Grammy to knit for herself?

I'm really sorry that there aren't any progress photos to show you - I've had to surrender the camera I had borrowed from the office. Our video camera is now fixed, but the photos it takes are so crappy, that I hate to show them to you. I've got a Future Shop gift certificate that I want to put toward a camera, but I'm holding out for the post Christmas sales.


  1. I really like the Feather & Fan socks in the Socks, Socks, Socks book from Knitter's. Nancy Bush's books also have great patterns, everyone, but they're geared to stitch patterns than haindpaints, but a lot of the patterns would adapt well to handpaints. I also just got Charlene Schurch's new sock book and it's chock full of ideas -- pick a gauge, a repeat length, a stitch pattern and make some socks. Sounds confusing, but it looks great.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about what's really important. Good luck getting everything done in time :)

  3. With all fingers and toes crossed, and all wishes for miracles sent toward your cousin and friend's niece, I really hope this Christmas will help you heal too.

  4. Hi Steph,

    Your family has had a really bad run of awful luck this year. Sigh. I hope everything works out.

    Here is a free basic ribbed sock pattern I came across:

    I just got the rest (give or take) of my shopping done this afternoon. Ironically, I also bought my husband two skeins of Manos (for a scarf. Not a surprise though) when I was passing by the Loop today.

  5. Wow Steph, I'm so sorry about the downs of your past year. I can relate, but instead of regaling you with horror tales from my past year...I'll just appreciate your attitude and raise a glass to all the good people, places and things that are in my life. (Yourself and the other SnB ladies included in that toast.)

    As for suggestions:

    Grammy's socks - Pomatomus from the latest knitty.
    FIL - felted slippers. I have a quick and easy pattern that I can give you a copy of if you want.

  6. Uncle K12:30 a.m.

    Here is a hug for you. Wish I was on the list to see this Christmas. Not for the "knit" but for the "see". More knitting, less fretting.

    Next year for the "see" list.