Thursday, January 26, 2006

An Irreverant Conversation with My Elder

Edited for ease of reading and to protect my aunt, whose MSN account Uncle K was using.

Uncle K: Yeah the CONSERVATIVES WON !!!!!!!!!!

Me: You bastard! You made my fingers go all shocked and sweaty.

Uncle K: You capuccino drinking Liberal

Me: I ain't no liberal. I'm a Commie. (kidding) Green party? NDP? Marijuana Party?

Uncle K: You intellectual eastern urban snob. HAHAHAHAHHA

Me: Small town conservative homophobic hick. Love you! hee hee

Uncle K: love you too. This is great

Me: I'm leaned over my desk laughing.

Uncle K: Me tooo

Me: phew

Uncle K: How are you?

Me: I'm good. I've got to go to physiotherapy tonight for my "couch athlete" injury

Uncle K: How is that any better?

Me: yeah much. I feel like such a loser though.

Uncle K: Oh? Why?

Me: Olympics coming up and I've got a knitting injury. I should have told him I'm a novelist and injured myself typing an epic saga.

Uncle K: I hear that the new sport is knitting a sweater before you get to the bottom of the bobsled run.


By the way, Uncle K, you got two digs in for my one... so, watch your back.


  1. That sounds like a conversation a friend in Winnipeg and I had.

    Those nutty right-wingers ;)

  2. Anonymous4:09 p.m.

    I was privy to the thoughts of the other side one time at dinner at Mr Moe's cousins' place (they are very very wealthy). I kept my opinions to myself since I too busy drinking their booze and stuffing my face with Mr Moe and his brothers. Younger BIL argued with them, while the rest of us got really hammered.

  3. OH! That conversation is hilarious (although politically heartbreaking...)

    I love the blobsled reference - SHARP!