Monday, January 23, 2006

Trying Not To Show My Stripes

For the most part, I try not to let anyone know my political affiliations. Anyone who knows me well, however, knows that:

1. I will not vote for anyone with a full head of hair (men who have all their hair have not learned humility).

2. I will not vote for anyone who says nasty things about Atlantic Canada.

3. I will not vote for anyone whose soul-less eyes betray them as a droid.

4. I will not vote for anyone who doesn't support the arts and social spending.

5. I will not vote for anyone who hates puppies, knitting and blogging. Minou, we all support you. If only dogs could vote!!!!

Having said all this, I will be voting after work today. And despite my frustration over the crap shoot we call election day in Canada, I will be forever thankful that I am a woman with the right to vote, that I don't have to vote the same way my husband does, and that I don't have to tell anyone the way that I voted (although, I'm sure my father is sick of me telling him that I voted for the Marijuana Party).


  1. We still have to head over to the polls later...

    Ironically, there was a knitting/politics related quote in Saturday's Globe and Mail. Pete Mackay told Alexa McDonough on a radio show, "We'll see what happens . . . I think you better stick to your knitting and win your own riding."

    Uh huh. Way to leverage the female knitter vote Petey. Jackass. I don't vote for people that hate puppies, knitting and blogging either.

    Droid..*snort* yur funny.

  2. Do I detect a "can't-do attitude" coming out of Dartmouth this afternoon? Mwah hah hah. I spent two hours this morning reading actual quotes from the soulless droid in order to write my own blog post. I can't freaking believe people can vote for that asswipe.

  3. Heh - I had to get a cavity filled after work tonight, and joked with the dentist that I was going to see if I could find out if I could get free samples from the Marijuana Party candidate. Imagine my disappointment when I got to the polls and found out we don't have a MP candidate in my riding :(

  4. I nearly had to change my vote when I saw we had a Marxist-Leninist in our riding!!
    And I'm stunned, which one is the droid? Hard to tell...

  5. please please please please please don't let the souless droid asswipe win PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was sick with this election and it physically made me sick. Uh oh, now don't throw your knitting needles after me...I did not vote, I was on the couch being really sick, no supper for the kids, no kisses for my husband, just a waste basket on the floor close to my head...and some Ginger Ale. When my husband got to bed, he alluded to the results, I said don't tell me about it, I am sick enough! I tried to get up a few times to vote but my head was spinning and my stomach churning...It is 10 a.m. and I just got up!

  7. *politely does not beat NK about the noggin*

    All I will say about the election is:

    Oh barf!

    Really, that sums the whole crappy thing up does it not?