Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cars and FOs

From the stage of the symphony to trying to push start our car. Yes, that's how Andrew and I started our day out in the world.

A few nights ago Andrew left the dome light on in the car. Someone he works with gave him a boost and the car ran smoothly for two days. Then, last night at 2:30am, he comes out of a recording session, hops in the car... and... nuthin'. The temperature had dropped to about -18C. He had to walk about 2km to the bank machine and back to get some cash to pay a cab for a boost.

Then this morning at 10:40am I sent him out to start the car so he could drive me down the hill to the yarn shop. Again, nothing. Our heretofore reliable Honda Civic has decided to become cranky. A quick glance in our neighbour's yard told us that they were not home and therefore not available for a boost. A quick glance at our watches told us that all family members were either at or on their way to church (please, don't point this out as a hint from OHF that I should be attending a HOW more frequently).

So, we pushed the car out of the driveway (soooo glad we don't drive a huge vehicle), across the street and on to Pine Street. Anyone who knows Pine Street knows it would be a great hill for jump starting a car, but not, as it seems, a Honda Civic.

We reached the bottom and came to a stop. I had to abandon Andrew at that point as it was 10:59am on the nose and I was supposed to be in the shop with the door open at that point. I ran the whole way there, slowing only to call our friend, Pierre, to see if he could help out. Unfortunately, he was at home with his daughter, without a registered vehicle and without a car seat.

So, Andrew ended up calling a cab again. Hopefully he won't have a problem with the car again tonight. (cough, cough, Andrew's birthday, cough, cough...some sort of power box, cough cough, "delicate flower" wife uses car to travel to remote outports of the Maritimes, cough cough... well, not so much remote as, well, Cape Breton.)

This is what I found when I arrived at the shop:

YAY!!!! It's a Koigu scarf knit just for ME by Jen. Isn't it beautiful? I just love it. I put it on immediately and wore it all day. Jen found the pattern at the Knit Cafe when she went on her walking tour of Toronto, er I mean, yarn crawl.

While I was at the shop, I finished off this hat.

Ya see that smile? Two Finished Objects in one day. That's glee!
La dee dah....

Ok ok... Jen made the scarf. But she gave it to me. And when you think about it, well, I'm the one who taught her how to knit. And I encouraged her to try new things. And if you have enough of a chocolate buzz, then it's almost as if I knit it myself. Almost.

Ok, it's not. She knit it. But I still get to wear it.. stop looking at me like that.

Stop it.
Added later when I regained my senses: I meant to mention that Her Lady of the Frozen Extremities came to the shop to play with the yarn, knit, and chat. We had a lovely afternoon!!!! She's so funny and I'm glad she's as scattered as I am around all that yarn. She even brought STRAWBERRIES!
Everyone knows that they are free to come knit at the shop, right? That's what the "Unwinding" room is for!


  1. momy says you are crazy and your left half of your face is not fatter then your right. CRAZY I AGREE!
    Does Uncle A have to buy you a new car?

  2. YAY! That answers a *very* important question. I wondered if TS might be open on Sundays or not.

    Beautiful hat and scarf, by the way!

  3. I'm still giggling about the two of us standing there stretching the scarf. Heehee...

    I'll need your help with my hat when it comes time to decrease. I HAD to go and invent a pattern just to make life more fun!

  4. perhaps it's time for a new battery? that happened to me about a year ago. no amount of jumps would help. went to the evil wal-mart, got a new battery, and all was well again!

  5. Look how cute you are in that hat! I'm quite jealous, as I'd love hats in that style to look good on me.

  6. Ooooh. Lovely hat, and stunning scarf.

    And isn't FE fun to chill with? Strawberries + yarn = a semi-religious experience in my books. Then again, I'm often referred to as a heathen. (Not pagan, but just a heathen - thank you once again for that loving nickname, MIL.)

    Sounds like it's time for a new troubles suck. All sympathies. Does the car battery get another eulogy a la Mr. Washing Machine?

  7. and I finally got to see your smiling face! So it wasn't in person, but I saw you nonetheless. Next time...

  8. You look so cute in your new hat! MMM, Koigu scarf - Jen is really nice, that is a small gauge!

    As a heathen myself (by the strictest definition too I think) I have no clue as to what OHF or HOW means so there will be no advice from me. Deb and I can live it up in purgatory (and I'm sure that Mr Moe has broken enough Catholic rules to hang out with us. I'll get him to bring the beer).

    Poor car. Car trouble terrifies me.

  9. Our Heavenly Father

    House of Worship

    I'll bring the brownies.

  10. What? Valhalla's not an option?

    I always fancied the idea of frolicking through the Elysian Fields for eternity, personally. Maybe it's the togas that keep drawing me in...

    And Mr. Ninja's taken to calling himself a collapsed Catholic, he's so far gone. Mind you - that didn't stop him from flicking holy water at me when we visited the Vatican. No burning sensation though, so at least we know that I'm not demonspawn.