Tuesday, February 07, 2006

February Blahs

... I've got 'em. I think. I'm tired, I'm pale and I'm cranky.
I've got two 1/2 finished projects to show you, but can I coordinate computer, camera and creativity? noooooooooooooooo.
- I saw an old friend on the weekend and had a great time catching up, reminiscing (watch, I bet I spelled that wrong) and talking. She and her husband own a blueberry business in my hometown and she brought me some lovely blueberry sauce, and a blueberry muffin soy candle. I'm tempted to eat BOTH things with a spoon. If any of you out there like blueberries, this is the place to go. It's a family run business. They've developed many of the products on their own and even managed to get a New Brunswick potter to make their own collection of blueberry pottery. I already have a mug by this potter, so I know the line must be gorgeous. It was really nice to see you, B. It's been too long for so many reasons.
- Some things are in the works with Andrew and hopefully I'll soon have some photos of local celebrities wearing handknit items.
- The hand is healing nicely. I've been cleared for knitting, but after much soul-searching and contemplation, I've decided to sit out of the Knitting Olympics. It's just too soon and I don't think I'm at my personal best right now. I don't think I could deal with the disappointment of not finishing my project before the end of the Olympics. It was a hard decision, especially b/c it is every young knitter's dream to compete in the Olympics.
- Someone's birthday was on Sunday... someone who owns a fabulous local yarn store.
- We had snow. Then we didn't. Then we did. Now we don't and it's been really mild outside. David Suzuki is right about everything. Why can't we all listen?
- Janie Clarkson is my new best friend. She's really quite lovely. Angela introduced us.


  1. FINALLY! A post! Have you been real busy!!? I check everyday. Yes, I have no life. I think we should start a club, I got the blah's too. ( which my LOVELY husband has labelled "post-partum" - thank you so much!) Your b-day is coming up though!! That's something to be happy about... PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS and discounts at some stores and restaurants!!

  2. isn't janie clarkson divine! you should do lunch - she's always ready for a lunch date!

  3. Sometimes we need to spend time with an imaginary friend rather than the tedious real people in our lives. I have known 'Janie Clarkson' by other names over the years. I will admit I have recently used the less imaginative... 'Oh! I must run now I have an appointment'.

  4. February sucks. So bleh.

    I need to post something. Anything. Maybe my hat - I totally empathize with your lack of motivation.

  5. Don't worry about missing out on the Winter Games. The summer games are only 2 years away and the hand should be in top shape by then. Though maybe you should get some more blueberry sauce and start pre-carb loading. I'd bet it would be divine over angelfood or poundcake. Perfect for the February blahs.

  6. Oh cool- I will definitely check out those blueberries when I am up there next!

    That website looks great- I am so hungry now!

    Maybe you could plan a trip? or go get a massage? Do something to pamper yourself. We all have to get through the winter somehow!