Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lost and Found

Last night at KOL (Knitting Out Loud), the blond curly-haired barista boy who makes our lattes and mochas and happy drinks on Tuesdays, came over to our knitting area and presented us with this item.

We all stared in shock at the sight of this lone DPN. None of us could claim it as our own.

Moe measured it. It's 5mm. She analyzed what kind of yarn would have been knit on it - worsted weight. Perhaps a hat? Perhaps a mitten?

We discussed all the projects that other KOL members had been working on. It was remarkable how much each of us knew about other people's knitting. So and so was working on a sweater, it can't have been hers. So and so only knits with Bamboo, it's not hers.

We talked about it for quite a while. We all knew the pain and mental anguish that the knitter must have felt when she or he got home and realized that they were missing one of their needles. Finally someone suggested that perhaps it didn't belong to anyone in our group. I brought it home and will take it to the shop on Saturday. Anyone looking for their 5mm metal DPN, please stop by.

I started these fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting over a month ago.

After losing my place in the pattern I managed to figure out where I was and finished the first one earlier this week. Then last night, I found my groove. I cast on for the second one at KOL and finished it before I went to bed. I think those couple of weeks away from the needles really messed me up. I got out of the groove. I think I'm back on track now. (Andrew on the other hand, well, he just walked in to the French door and then he went up the stairs and tripped in the dark. I think he's down a quart.)

A word to the wise, when knitting a pattern written for three different gauges and three different sizes, you should always mark which line you were using... and if all else fails, just count the bloody stitches. It's usually a big clue. It only took me 10 minutes to figure that out. DUH!

These are a really quick knit, but I think that there may be a mistake in the pattern. After knitting all of the rows specified in the pattern, they weren't wide enough to go around my hand. I know I have cankles (boot shopping in Montreal confirmed that), but Hankles? I don't think so. I added another short row and another 12 rows and voila! Happy girl.

Pattern: Fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick.
Yarn: Luxury Collection - Natal - 75% Baby alpaca, 18% silk

Gotta go snuggle with my boy. He's home tonight!


  1. Is that not a straight cable needle rather than a dpn? Seems more likely given the thickness and being all alone. I can't think how many times I've mislaid mine, just sitting on the sofa at home.

  2. Sad, stray needle... Sniff....