Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Ode to J.

Today is Jen's birthday. She's working at Tangled Skeins today, so if you're in the vicinity, or near a phone, wish her happy birthday!

I've known Jen for 4 years now. The first time I met Jen was when I walked in the door of the company where I now work. She was the receptionist at the time. I was there for an interview so I was really nervous, and it's all a bit of a blur, but I do remember that she was really nice to me and that she had this incredibly well-coordinated outfit.

That's Jen - super nice and always well-coordinated. But don't let the exterior fool you, Jen is much deeper than that. She has an edge when she needs it... she likes to call it "Miss Oromocto".

It didn't take long for us to get to know each other when I started working here. By the time I came on board, Jen had left the front desk. She and I were the only people in cubicles in that office. Cubicles which we lovingly referred to as "The Zoo". We were the animals at which everyone stared.

I don't remember when we had our first "meeting" at the mall... but those lunches were the beginning of some great times: Trips to the market, to the mall, to Starbucks for coffee, to the Valley for yarn or yard sales or getting lost in corn mazes, going out for dinner, and teasing the waiter at our favourite restaurant. These things would be fun with anyone, but with Jen, they're always an adventure.

No matter what we're doing, whenever Jen and I get together there is always laughter. We could be having a very serious discussion but then one of us makes a ridiculous statement and then Jen is leaned over, laughing like and slapping her knee like it's the best joke we've ever made. Not to toot our horns, but the way our weird minds work, it usually is a pretty darned good joke. I always look forward to those "doubled-over, laughing until I'm having a hard time breathing" moments with Jen.

Jen is the first person I ever taught to knit. And I'm proud to say, she's a darned good knitter. I think you all understand how that makes me feel! My little bird has flown the nest!

Jen is the kind of person who lives life to the fullest: She's not afraid to say what she's thinking, to dance when she feels the music, to sing opera-style when the mood strikes, or to wear a furry purse on her head in Winners.

Jen, I hope by the time you've read this, you've had a great day at the shop... that you get your carrot cake... and that the neck shaping on your sweater is working out.

Here's to more pops of the cork, to more knitted rugs, to more coffee-based drinks, to cinnamon buns, to more yard sale or yarn sale finds, to more colouring days, and to many more years of you, Jenny K.

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  1. I love you Stephie. You make me sound kinda interesting and fun.
    Thank you for thinking of me, being my friend, and a wonderful teacher.