Friday, February 17, 2006

"I Didn't Realize He Was Classically Trained"

That's what my coworker said when I told him what my husband is doing tonight.

I've been holding on to some really fun news all week. On my birthday Andrew called to tell me that someone asked him to sing "back up" on a song (or two? I'm not entirely sure) at a concert on Friday night.

The someone who asked is Matt. The concert? Well, it's part of Symphony Nova Scotia's Maritime Pops series. Andrew is singing backup with the symphony!

As I said to my coworker, "Well, he did grow up in the church." Hee hee... That church training, it'll take you places you never thought possible!

Here's a link to SNS's blurb about Matt.

Andrew isn't the only indy musician who will be there to sing with Matt. I think there are about 6 others? Maybe more? Andrew listed them off for me this morning (they had rehearsal yesterday) but I can only remember: Jason and Dave (in The Heavy Blinkers with Andrew), Mike and Jenn G.

The best part is imagining the symphony, all decked out in their formal clothes and the crew that Matt has assembled, walking across the stage in their jeans and t-shirts, touques and balls caps... it should be interesting.

Am I going? You bet your Addi's I'm going.

I'll have a more complete list of all the people and hopefully some photos tomorrow.

(The photo was taken in a London record store while the band was on tour in the fall of 2004. He's holding the British release of their last cd. )


  1. Ooh, he's cute! That is way cool. Be sure you try to get pics of this event, I know all of us here in Blogland want to see it.

  2. Anonymous8:54 p.m.

    You are probably at the concert right exciting...give us an update tomorrow!

  3. Cool gig! And you know what...On my bus trip home this afternoon I read the blurb about 'Mr Little Bit of Happy' & his studio in the latest issue of the Coast.

  4. Waaaahhhh!!!

    That's too cool! Hope you had a great time!

  5. Squeee! Congrats, Andrew! You must be so proud of him, Steph :)