Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sweet Mother of Yarn

The Harlot is ON THE CBC RIGHT NOW talking about the knitting Olympics.

You can listen to her by tuning in to CBC Radio one on the internet.

Here's the link. (That's a map of Canada, not an intarsia pattern. )

You'll be able to catch her again after the news at 2pm in all the time zones across Canada.


  1. Thanx Steph, I'm just going to listen to her now!!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! I caught the second half (I think) of the interview from the Saskatchewan time zone...

    Those interviewers are supremely vapid (I haven't been listening to CBC1 during the day for a while, but I've heard the complaints about the new show) but Steph managed to overcome their stupidity with her humour and charm. Yay Harlot!

  3. Phew! I'm just in time to catch the last airing of the show all the way from - Vancouver. I agree with Aven the hosts of the new show Freestyle are - well - a bit inane. I did not like Kelly Ryan when she was a TV reporter in Halifax either. I hate how Freestyle is so much like commercial radio. I miss the sad goat. (Richardson's Roundup) I miss the letters from listeners...

  4. I *just* turned on the radio when they were doing their babble filled lead up to the interview. I have to agree that the hosts were lame, the Harlot however was lovely!