Monday, February 13, 2006

The Party Never Ends!

It's my birthday today. But given the festivities that have been going on this weekend, I'm sure it has been mistaken as a National Holiday.

Friday night:
Someone chose "Chocolate Lovers" macaroon cupcakes for me at the Masstown market. I think that "someone" had alterior motives. The "someone" is seen here, celebrating my birthday with a mug of Baxter's Dairy's finest.

Saturday morning:
My dad, Ivy and the little "someone" (Lauryn), left for home and dropped me off at the shop. I found a present in the "Unwinding" room. (This moment has been re-enacted by professionals. Please do not attempt this at home without appropriate safety equipment.)


I approached and discoverd, IT WAS FOR ME!


I opened the bag and found this inside.


The moments immediately following the opening of this gift were not recorded on film as it is quite hard to photograph yourself jumping up in down in a circle and screaming "YAY". With Annie Liebowitz and a certain STR-crazed photographer both far from me and presumably busy with other things, you will have to imagine the glee, the excitement, the Cheshire Cat grin and the happy dance. Colourway: X-mas Rock. Sheryl, you are the best!

Sunday night
Andrew's family hosted a party for me at his Mom and Dad's condo. The guests included all the usual suspects: My MIL, FIL, my SIL, her hubby and the kids and, b/c they're just so dear, my SIL's in-laws!

My niece and two nephews, wrote and performed a lovely song for me - it contained the phrases "we're so glad you're our aunt", "we want to be just like you" and there may have been a mention of the word perfect. The little darlings were paid in hugs, kisses and unmarked five dollar bills. My niece, the singer (the nephews did percussion and interpretive dance) has a birthday coming up. I think she's vying for a special cake this year.

Here's the cake my SIL made:


It was delicious and moist and YUM! In fact, I just finished eating the last of it. My SIL's MIL made the cookies and piped the icing on the cake. She's a wonderful baker - the cookies were TO DIE FOR... I ate one with my piece of cake and then the special double heart cookie later when I got home.

Here's another artsy fartsy shot of the cake. In our family charter it states that birthday candles shall not be in the same place as the birthday cake during the birthday party. True to form, there were no birthday candles to be found in the house, so the kitchen employees decided on a tea light. You can see it in this photo.


After supper we all made our way to our respective homes through the snowstorm. I spent two hours talking to my dear pal, Les. Hi Les!!!!!! Is that boy dancing like Gregory Hines yet?

This morning, Andrew and I went out for a lovely breakfast at Cora's. I had my favourite Cora's dish: Waffles with bananas, strawberries, kiwi, whipped cream and CUSTARD!


After gorging ourselves on this, Andrew went off to work for the afternoon. Jen picked me up and we went on a little downtown Halifax shopping excursion. We didn't have much time, but we did have fun. I wish I had photographed the two of us at the bead store wearing the U-shaped bone beads on our noses like nose plugs for swimming. It will have to wait for the next time. Jen? I think we should take the boy there on Saturday and then take the photos.

We both bought FIMO. I'm going to try my hand at making some stitch markers out of clay. I keep seeing the gorgeous ones at Good To Be Girl and thought I'd like to try it. Jen's probably already made something and all I've done is blog. Well, not true. When she dropped me off, I played in the snow long enough to make my snow lantern for tonight.


  1. Happy birthday!

    And Socks that Rock? Wow. You are muchly loved ... and with good reason! May you have a good year, in wooly matters and otherwise.

  2. Happy Birthday, Steph!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, girl! :) Look at all those cakes! You are loved!
    That Cara and her STR. She's on a mission! Enjoy your day! Then enjoy it more!

  4. do you still have a job? or did you get this morning off? lucky girl.. happy birthday

  5. Anonymous6:03 p.m.

    happy valentine's eve birthday to the wonderfullest stephanacious steph! praise be (to steph)!

    we love you lots.

    -sergio & paulina

  6. Happy Birthday!

    You're right, it must have been a National Holiday -- since I got the day off work today! (Well, they said it was because of the snowstorm, but we know better!

  7. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!

    Hope to see you soon!

  8. Hey Steph, happy birthday! I'm craving your breakfast. . .

  9. happy birthday!!!!! we will have to get you an extra special goody at KOL!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    What lovely yarn...

  11. Happy Day, Steph!!

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday... yarn and yummy things to eat! :)

  12. I'm a day late - but happy birthday. That's pretty impressive on the b-day front with your brethren.

  13. Oh, I'm late, but happy birthday!!! Yarn and cake... what could be better?

  14. Happy Birthday Steph or should I say 'o-tanjoubi omedetou'! Sounds like a great day. Bring on the yarn I say!

  15. happy belated birthday from me too. monday was also my mom's birthday:)