Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thank you! Thank you very much.

Has anyone seen those tv ads where the Canadian Olympic Athletes are running around thanking everyone for their sponsorship? They're at the library, whispering through the stacks; they're tapping on the window of a patisserie; figure skaters are hugging a farmer; the luger rolls out from under a car and gives the mechanic a thumbs up...

That's what I've felt like since I posted on my birthday... except instead of saying, "Thank you, Canada" I'm saying, "Thank you, blogosphere!" You bloggers are all so sweet. Please, just picture me waving to you all through windows, hugging you while you're at the checkout, giving you the thumbs up at your LYS.

If I could, I would have shared that chocolate cake with all of you. Perhaps I'll just post the recipe instead. It's really easy and it's nice and moist; there's cake mix involved, I do believe. I've never made it but I do have the recipe on hand just in case!

In the Clues for the Clueless category:
Lessons about working with FIMO - don't bake it in your toaster oven. The element is a little too close to the clay and those cute little sheep you modelled after Sandy's sheep, the happy little bluebirds and yes, even the wee ice cream cones will all end up looking like they were the victims of a house fire.

Thank goodness I hadn't used all the clay.

Does anyone have any hints for me about FIMO?


  1. Sorry I missed your birthday! Hope it lasts for a whole week.

    Happy Happy!

  2. always cook it on a glass dish, because metal pans will help to give it that house fire look. then don't ever use that dish for food. if you can, open a window. i find that even when i cook it at the right temperature and do everything just right, it still stinks. this means lungs =/= happy. and lastly, things will fall off/over. if you have a little appendage or something that seems unstable, put a piece of metal in it to support it. i use non-pointy head pins (i don't know what they are really called) from the jewelry department of the craft store i go to. just cut them to the right length and push them in. putting a little dab of sculpey glue inbetween the two parts will also help.

  3. That's what happenned to my daughter's Sculpey when I wasn't home! It is smoky looking, rather than the intended colour. I just thought that Daddy wasn't watching it. Pampered Chef stones are also good for sculpey and ovens that do not distribute heat well!

    Happy Belated Birthday, see you at SnB tonight!

  4. Anonymous3:59 p.m.

    When I read FIMO I think ELMO. Bizarre.

  5. hmm, i always use my toaster oven and bake it on a metal pan lined with foil. that seems to go against everything said here! of course i just bake little stuff so maybe that is why? my only tip then would be to bake it a lower temp for longer (i bake at 215 for 30 minutes or so). and i never have an odor...

  6. don't eat it. trust me.

  7. I used to use a glass baking dish and a low oven (225F) or so. It always turned out perfectly. Good luck!

  8. Awww! You fimo-ed my sheep? Ew! You burnt my fimo sheep?
    Hope your birthday glow lasts and lasts!