Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sock Class

Yesterday was my first foray into teaching a knitting class. I was only a little nervous. Having The Ninja in my class really helped to calm my nerves. I'm really glad she was there.
It was a fun group.

There were four students: The Ninja, a mom and her daughter and a lady who had been knitting for a while but wanted to expand her horizons. I think they enjoyed it.

Here's what I had them make:

sock class

It's a tiny sock! Teensy Tiny! The colours are off. Of course!

Here's another photo - to establish scale...

sock with mango

I call it "Sock With Mango".


  1. DId they all make socks? was it fun? did they ask good questions? did they like your notes? maybe I should ask ninja....

  2. Hey Steph - GREAT class! You're a *very* good teacher...very patient. Heh.

    Ang: We all made socks (I'd post a pic of mine, but my blog seems to have up and bit the dust), it was terrific fun (time flew!), not many questions asked (more just furiously concentrating and knitting away), and the notes were scribbled upon mightily by the end of the class.

    It was a very inspiring class - I've been trying to finish all of my UFOs so that I can justify starting some socks!

  3. SO glad you're class went well! I forgot to mention my last comment...that sucks that Andrew missed Beastie Boys - I love them, Licensed to Ill was my very first CD ever.

  4. Glad the class went well! Definitely have to learn that technique when I get everything else done.

  5. Mini socks, what a great idea for a class. I wish I had done that with my students. Next time...

  6. Great idea to do mini socks for a class. Instant gratification. Love making socks they are how I taught myself to knit.
    Oh! Meeting Neil Young very cool.
    Dogs are so hard to read as they hid their emotions so well... :-)

  7. Cute little sock! I love it! :)

  8. Congrats!!!! I'm so glad it went well! I want to talk ALL about it! Have to drive anywhere? lol
    ps last nite I helped Mum (for the 100th time) set up an email account. Thanks for sending me something to give her for her first email! lol. she said it was right up there with when i changed her desktop photo with harry potter in a bubble bath. ps she has a great neil story....(and i heard that for the 101st time)

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  10. That tiny little sock is hilarious, I LOVE it. Colour is great too. I am about to… eventually… knit my first pair of socks. May be I should start off small. Great blog.