Monday, March 27, 2006

Knitters knitters everywhere!

To distract you from the serious lack of knitting content on this blog, I'd like to introduce some of the great people I've met through knitting.

I've met quite a few knitters through hanging out at my LYS. As I tell those who come into the shop, Sheryl had to let me work here, otherwise she was bound to arrive one morning to a broken door and a scene reminiscent of the mayor going nuts during lent in this movie. This kind of scene still may happen, but now I have my own key.

Speaking of Sheryl, here's a photo.

Sheryl's sweater

Sheryl was suffering from headlessness the day this photo was taken. She is, fortunately for us, modelling a beautiful sweater of her own design - Yes. It is Fleece Artist yarn.

This, is Jen. Well, part of her.

jen's hands.

These are Jen's hands. She works at the shop and she's the friend who made the Koigu scarf. Jen has great hands. Something nagging in my memory tells me that she doesn't like her hands. How can you not like the hands that knit a sweater from Rowan Kid Classic?

It's not just the shop owner and my fellow employees that enrich my life. No, the customers are great too...

Here's Dawn's daughter... Kaitelyn... Caitelyn? crap... She wrote it down for me and didn't I lose the paper? Let's do this phonetically, "k-ATE-lihn". (I can only imagine the flack I'm going to get from that kid. She's cute, but she's got a wicked sense of humour on her. Mwah ha ha ha)

kaitlyn or katelyn or Kaitelyn

She and her mom come in on the weekends and they crack me up. Sometimes, k-ATE-lihn has her best friend in tow. Her name is also Stephanie. Stephanie had store bought mittens on one weekend. I feared for her well-being.

Dawn is always laughing and carrying on with k-ATE-lihn when she comes into the shop. She knits the coolest stuff for her daughter and for her husband. Her hubby should have received by now the "We Call Them Pirates" hat from Hello Yarn. I hope it's keeping his noggin warm!

They are among the few customers who read (or admit to reading) my blog. Hi girls. Look k-ATE-lihn, you're Halifamous! K-ATE-lihn's mom knit that beautiful scarf for her out of alpaca yarn. It's gorgeous.

I joined the online community at the insistence of a small dog and haven't looked back since. It's been great getting to know my online friends.

When I was in Atlanta last fall, I met these lovely ladies

jodi and hockey mom (sandy)

That's Jodi on the left and Sandy on the right. See what I mean about the hands? Sorry about the quality of the photos. I'm in bed and didn't want to walk downstairs to scan these.

Jodi travelled into Altanta from out of town to visit with lil ol me. I was flabbergasted, honoured and only a little scared when we got lost in Atlanta. I talked about the "burning ring of fire" within the first minute of being in Sandy's vehicle. I am the epitome of East Coast class, I tell ya!

My online knitting community has grown as the knitters from Knitting Out Loud have started taking up blogging.

Now, I know some of you are going to be upset about the photos I'm posting, but you're just going to have to live with it.

Moe and the Ninja

Here we have Moe and The Ninja. Moments after this photo was taken, they made a dress out of my skin.


This is Lynne. She's gone from garter stitch to a healthy addiction to Noro in just a few months. We're working on her stash development skills.

We do have visits from Janniechan, but not always from knitters who came from far away. Sometimes we start to wonder if everyone else is real or not. A visit from Aven made us even more excited at the prospect of knitters from away visiting with us.

The group with Aven
That's Her on the end! That's Aven!

Until more knitters come to visit us, we'll have to content ourselves with making friends the old fashioned way.


with a crochet hook.

Don't worry, though, I think there's always room for one more on the couch.



Morgan doesn't look squished at all!

Ok, I'd go on about the love etc, but it's late. i'm tired and I need to post this. g'night!


  1. I adore Sheryl's sweater!!!!

  2. That's quite the pic of me and ninja. I wonder who peed in my cornflakes just before that was taken?

    Woo, nice sweater that Sheryl knit! Lime green is my favourite...

  3. Nice pics. I approve.

    You definitely have the love in blogland.

  4. Oh, I am imaginary -- really! I don't exist at all. :)

    I firmly recommend visiting you guys -- everyone should do it! It was tonnes of fun.

  5. Wow.



    That look on my face makes me look like I'm about to be skinned alive while dancing the Highland Fling. Oh. Wait. I still have to do my taxes. Same thing.


  6. OK. I'm going to prove to the others -- beyond yourself, Sheryl -- that I'm not imaginary either. Dates are still TBD, but I'll be in HRM again sometime in the next couple of months when Mum goes for surgery, and will hopefully get a chance to KOL with all of you.


  7. I am with you all in spirit even if I have not attended KOL in some time. You should see the awesome socks I'm knitting, they have embossed leaves. Hand is doing much better...
    Ciao, I will try to make to the next Wednesday meeting since I am no longer "dicking" with Tuesday night!!!!!

  8. I was there that day, but was picture shy. KOL is definitely now an essential part of my week :)