Friday, March 31, 2006

Reasons Why I Love This Town.

1. Because Halifax is just a big small town.

2. Because JUNOFEST is here this weekend. That's part of the Juno awards, for all you "out of towners". It's like the Grammies for those of you south of the border or under a rock.

3. Because when you have a free concert downtown at Parade Square, where 10, 000 people gather you still manage to run into friends...

Stephy and Sergio

That's my baby boy! That's Serge. He used to live with us. I've threatened to adopt him. He's playing with Adam Puddington and The Proof tomorrow night at Big Leagues. (The Proof is in the Pudding, get it? The Pudster!)

And here he is with his spectacular girlfriend, potentially the nicest woman in the WORLD: Paula. (guys, i didn't ask your permission to post this, I hope it's ok... If it's not, lemme know and down you come!)

Paula and Serge

4. Because amazing musicians live here. In fact, they live just down the hill from me!

Like Joel Plaskett (the man whose song is behind the title of this post)

joel plaskett

and Matt Mays who is in the "middle" of the photo. That's Adam on the right.
(The photo is dark b/c I was quite far from the stage. I'm lucky you can tell they are people!)

matt and the pudster

5. Because you can leave the concert ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY REEKING OF POT and no one bats an eye. I didn't smoke it. I was just surrounded by completely stoned teenagers. Yeesh. I took a photo of one particularly well-baked kid. It's quite funny, really. He looks like a walking billboard for the reason they call it dope. What a dope!


  1. I'm thinking about going to Canada this summer. I'll remember you spoke well of Halifax

  2. WAAAHHH!!! I wanted to be there last night! Stupid rehearsals...

    I'll have to get some people watching in this weekend.

  3. We half thought about going down to check it out - but Mr Moe was up at 4:30 am yesterday to fly home from Regina. Needless to say, he was in bed asleep before 9pm.

  4. Did Joel Plaskett just play down here a little while ago? I thought he was opening for Sarah Harmer (the show I missed) but his website doesn't say anything about it.

  5. Oh you got photos, I was there too only for a short time tho... very short...really just passing through. I wanted to see the whole show however we had to get home to a wee dog who had been in the house all day.
    Halifax is the greatest place ever. Mr Happy's band is playing during the fest tomorrow?

  6. Lady,

    I freakin' love this town. And I've only been here for less than a year. I can't tell you how happy just living on the ocean makes me.

    *sighs happily*