Saturday, April 01, 2006

And a reason why I hate this town...

...someone stole my bicycle out of our shed.

I was in the back yard this morning, talking to my neighbour and saw that the shed door was open.

With a sinking feeling in my gut, I walked over and saw that my bike was gone.

So, if you're out and about in Halifax... and you see a bike that fits the following description, please let me know:

A 13.5" frame metallic coloured (almost a gold-bronze colour) Yukon Giant.
Red bars on the ends of the handlebars
Black Saddlebags
and my black helmet.

I ride that bike to work. It's my "car" from April until November. It's my exercise and it saves us money. And to tell you the honest truth, I'm so freaking strapped for cash all the time that I really can't afford to buy a new helmet much less a bicycle. Yes, kick a girl when she's down.

So, to whoever decided that stealing my bike seemed like a good idea: Thanks, ever so much. You really, really made my day. If I see you out riding it, well, I can't say what my reaction will be. But I will send you flowers in the hospital. Grrrrrrrrrr.


  1. This probably won't make you feel better but it might make you smile. A good friend was living in Beijing, he kept getting his bike stolen. He finally covered it in 4's (the Chinese symbol for bad luck). It never got stolen again. My deepest sympathies for your loss.

  2. Uncle "K"8:51 p.m.

    Ouchh !!! The natural reaction would be to hope the robber gets dinged by a car. But that would not be good because the bike would also suffer.

    If it was some pot smoking crack head, I hope he wears your helmet and gets beat up by some fellow "crackers" for looking like "girl". Of course you know it's not called "DOPE" because it makes you smaart...#@**(%$#@)(*

    The compassionate response would be to hope that the person makes good use of it, with the addition that one would hope the person would become wracked by guilt and feel compelled to return it to you.

    For you, as a cyclist, I understand what it is like to lose your riding machine. I too am sorry.

  3. Argh. (I have some swear words too).

    That sucks. In every way. I freaking HATE thieves. I'm going to take the non-compassionate route and hope that something karmically evil befalls said bike-stealer.

  4. Oh Steph...

    I'm so sorry. Here's hoping that karma catches up to that nasty bugger who took your bike.

  5. Sorry about the bike. Dumb arse thieves. Are you sure it wasn't HRM staff doing a clean-up for the Junos????

  6. Gah! People SUCK!!

    I am so sorry, Steph! :(

  7. (possible BAAAAD joke on it's way)

    possibly one of the members of sloan stole it and can be found riding it around in one of their new videos?

    or did they move to Toronto?

  8. Stolen bike!!! Egads, you made my heart stop dead in my chest. I'm like's the car from April to snow fall.

    Call the local pawn shops & while you're on the phone, call the local bike shops. I find the wrenches are really good at keeping an eye out for stolen bikes that might be brought in for 'tweaking'...usually not by the thief but by the dumbass idiot stick who thought it was a great deal to buy a Giant for $60.

    Then call the cops to have THAT moron charged with possession of stolen goods. If it wasn't for these moron clowns who keep purchasing stolen goods, our stuff wouldn't keep going missing.

    Big hug...

  9. Oh yeah, and make sure you've notified the local police force and filed a stolen bike report (actually, if it went from your shed, it's a break & enter). Police forces recover bikes all the time but can't marry them up to their owners because they were never reported stolen in the first place.