Sunday, April 09, 2006

On The Road Again...

I was on the road this weekend.

Friday night I hit the road with my little polka-dot suitcase, my knitting bag and my sleeping bag. I also had two pairs of wet hand-knit socks with me. I wanted to have them this weekend because it was supposed to be cold. Hmmmmm... other than hanging them out the window, how does a girl dry her handknit socks?

Laundro-car to the rescue!


The result? Almost completely dry socks by the time I reached Monkey-town and Becca!

Saturday morning, Becca, Troy and I went to the market in Dieppe, then we gathered up Troy's sister, her three boys and their friend Tina, and we went somewhere I don't ever remember going before!

Here's a BIG hint:

Quintessentially Canadian

Did you figure it out? We went to the sugar woods! It's been a rough season for the maple industry. Our weather hasn't been conducive to running sap. The days haven't been warm enough.

When we arrived in the bush this is the first thing I saw:

Maple Bucket

This is the more "traditional" way of collecting sap. Granted, First People of Canada didn't have aluminum buckets. But here's what they use now...

Tapping maple trees the new way

It took me a while to figure out why on earth they had all these clotheslines strung up in the woods! Heh heh.

After our nice walk we headed up to a church hall for a pancake breakfast. YUM!

Pancake breakfast

This is what Becca and i look like after walking in the cold and then snorfing down a pancake breakfast.

Becca and Steph

After hanging with Becca and Troy (and meeting Troy's wonderful family - they're so great! his nephews are ADORABLE)... I headed back to Nova Scotia for a night at the illustrious Glasgow Mountain hotel and resort.

More on that later.


  1. That seems like so much fun! LOVE PANCAKES. Must have pancakes soon!

  2. Tee hee, do the socks find the soothing voices of the CBC help them dry?

  3. *sigh*

    I miss working in a sugar bush.

    Excuse me while I go drink a can of syrup...

    (PS: Looks like you had a ball!)

  4. Anonymous10:04 a.m.

    I think I'm hungry.

    Why DO they have clotheslines everywhere?