Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rockers and Socks...

I'm so tired.

As you all know from my message this morning, I have certainly been enjoying Juno weekend.

First of all, I went to see the concert at parade square on Thursday night. It was really great to see that kind of support for local musicians.

Friday night, I met up with an old friend and went to see some bands at the Marquee club.

Ben and I have known each other since 3rd grade.

He works for this paper. He cleans the floors and takes out the garbage. Sometimes, late at night, he sneaks onto the computers and writes articles hoping that someone will see them and let him write for the paper. He dreams of being a pop music critic. He confessed that in his many years in Toronto,, that he has been attending concerts, meeting lots of people, but yet, they still haven't given him his due. He even went to SXSW where he was roughed up by a local for wearing a 313 hat. Apparently, his dreams are so grandiose that he hangs out in Detroit (313), pretending to enjoy the techno scene.

Kidding. Ben's an amazing writer. He harbours some "hostility" toward Canadian newscasters, but he and Andrew have decided to join a mutual admiration society.

Andrew and Ben on the red carpet
This photo was taken around 4:30am when the kicked us out of the Economy Shoe shop.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Saturday night, I met Andrew at the Seahorse Tavern where Dog Day was playing. Andrew is in the midst of recording their album. They played a really great set. I haven't seen them play, I've just heard the stuff Andrew has brought home.

We left there and beat it down to Tribeca, where Andrew's band was playing. Before his band went on, however, The Museum Pieces played. I've decided that I want Tyler Messick's hair.

Tyler Messick and the Museum Pieces

After Tyler's band played, The Heavy Blinkers took the stage. Andrew didn't play with them last night b/c he hasn't had time to learn all the songs. It was strange to heard the music without Andrew being on stage, but it was still a great set.

During the show, these two girls were sitting on the floor beside where I was standing. They were putting stickers on the pantlegs of some girls who had squeezed their way to the front and were blocking the view. The standing girls discovered the stickers and were upset by it. Puh-leeze. They were stickers. Ugh. The standing girls, the ones blocking the view, were very obviously not the kind of people who usually support local musicians. They were only out b/c of the Junos. You don't go see The Heavy Blinkers if you don't have a sense of humour.

After the Blinkers show, Andrew and I were sitting downstairs wondering if we would find Ben again, when Dave, (seen in the center of the photo of Ben and a certain Canadian newscaster) came down and told us that there was a rumour that Neil Young was at The Economy Shoe Shop. Andrew, Dave, and two girls and one guy (whose names I didn't get, but one of them played with the Blinkers for sure, I couldn't see them). We arrived at the Shoe shop and realized that the CTV party was still going. Our friends Jen and her husband were already in there b/c they had VIP passes to the party. We hesitated for a moment and then snuck through a hole in the "fence". Andrew walked up to the door and just ushered us all in like we belonged there.

We discovered today that Neil Young wasn't at the Shoe shop but that he had briefly visited the Seahorse. But once we were inside, we kind of forgot about Neil and just laughed that we had crashed the party.

I turned around to say something to Andrew and he had scooped a lobster roll off the table and was happily munching away.

We found Jen and Shawn, who had apparently made friends with everyone in the place. They had been there when Pamela Anderson had "graced" the party with her presence. Or whatever it is that she does.

Ok, so Paula asked for names of who was there. Well, let's see... I think that most of the musicians had left by that point, but there were some media personalities I recognized, other than Ben.

I had a brief chat with this guy when I asked him if he had seen Ben. Ben has been on his show (amazingly, Jian likes janitors!).

I saw this guy and this dude, and one of the hosts of Breakfast Television. I've grouped these guys together b/c they were all so surprisingly short! Who knew?

This lady was there, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past her bedtime. I mean, if you're the Lieutenant Governor, don't you have to get home to bed early? I have to say, she is a very, very elegant and respectable women. I stood near here while she was chatting with someone and you could feel that she is a classy woman.

I walked by this guy and must say that he looked tired, perhaps a bit cranky and older than I thought he was. Speaking of Canadian Idol, this judge was there. (I saw this judge at the Marquee on Friday night where I speculated he was drinking to make the kids stop singing in his brain.)

(I'm watching the Junos while writing this. Jann Arden just said that her bra was made out of seal eyelids. I love Jann Arden.)

We stayed until they kicked us out. Andrew, Ben, Ben's friend Ian, and Shawn had spent most of the evening chatting and rearranging artwork.

When we left it was next to impossible to find a cab, so we hiked up to a local hotel where we saw a couple of Canadian Idol contestants going into the hotel. I won't tell you had badly Andrew and Ben were behaving at that point... we'll just say that I ushered them out of there. We hopped into the Warner music van and got dropped off at Ben's hotel. Well, Ben and I did. Andrew bailed out of the van to heed the call of nature on Citadel Hill.

By the time we got home it was, well... you know the rest.

And just so you know that all these brushes with "celebrity" haven't made me forget how much I love knitting, when I got up this morning I finished these:

regia toe-up socks

Yarn: Regia (ball band is lost - Andrew bought this yarn for me in Germany)
Pattern: My own toe up version of Brainylady's Basic Cabled Sock with garter stitch short row toes and heels.

Please don't ask how long it took me to knit these.


  1. Tres cool. Oh! I like Jian. Too bad TNP is off the air now. The LG is very classy. I saw her last year in Wal-Mart, her chauffer was with her yet she was pushing her own cart. (She bought 3 large Rubbermaid storage bins)
    What the heck is an Adult Alternative Album?
    I was glad to see the Pam bits were not as big as I thought they were going to be. It was most unbearable (or was it bare able) to watch her on the Junos. (All puns intended) The media went on and on about PA hosting the Junos and never said a word about Buck 65 being the MC for the show. I thought he was super.
    Yea, Jann Arden.

  2. At first I thought those were Jaywalker socks. Which are fast becoming something I want to knit - due to holes appearing in the socks I have.
    They (your socks) are very pretty.

    Very sorry to hear about your bike. I'll keep my eyes open for it here in Wolfville. (It would serve the thief right if he/she had had to bike all the way here today - brrrrr!)

    Actually I came here to see if Tangled Skeins was having a sale any time soon.

    Take care and happy knitting.

  3. TOO MUCH FUN!!! I'm so glad you had a good time despite the sticky fingered cyclist. And the socks are too cute! Ever considered taking up dance? You have a beautiful relevee ;)

  4. well done!!!! I stayed home mostly, but now I better go post my juno adventures. you are a much better blogger than I! (You should have heard Jann Arden at Songwriters Circle; tres risque!) ps I have to tell you about my own encounter with local tv hosts; I think im too embarrased to post it...

  5. your socks look so good.
    i really need to get a move on my knitting everyone's making pretty socks, except for me!